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The Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu: Resistance Rank Overview

In The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, your Sim will find themselves caught in the middle of three factions at odds with each other in Batuu; The First Order, Resistance, and Scoundrels. Each faction controls a different sector of the city and who you support is entirely up to you. Each faction has five ranks your Sim can progress through by completing missions for them. Each rank brings new rewards and unlockables, but beware; becoming friendly with one faction could make other factions hostile towards you.

This overview covers the Resistance ranks. Talk to Any Resistance Member in the Resistance Encampment to receive your first Resistance mission and begin rising in their ranks. After gaining their trust by completing a few missions, you will meet Vi Moradi. After that point, you can receive all your Resistance missions directly from her. She can often be found near the X-wing ship.

Gaining ranks in the Resistance will decrease your reputation with the First Order. Sims who are part of the First Order will be hostile towards you.

First Order Basic Info

  • Receive Missions From: Any Resistance Member, Vi Moradi
  • Batuu Location: Resistance Encampment
  • Ship: X-wing
  • Main Hangout: Resistance Outpost (embedded in a rockface between two clusters of tents)

Gaining the Trust of the Resistance

The first Resistance mission you will need to complete to earn their trust

Unlike the First Order and Scoundrels, you won’t be able to waltz right into Resistance territory and start getting missions from them straight away. The Resistance are suspicious of outsiders and won’t let you become one of them until you’ve proven yourself to be their ally. In fact, they won’t even introduce you to their leader at all until you’ve completed a few test missions for them to prove where your loyalties lie.

To get started, ask Any Resistance Member about the Resistance. They will tell you that using the phrase “Ignite the Spark” with a Resistance member will yield more information. Speak to any Resistance member and use the “Ignite the Spark” social on them. They will offer you a mission called Leap of Faith. Accept the mission.

Mission 1: Leap of Faith


  • Talk to First Order Stormtroopers
  • Analyze the TIE echelon
  • Survey First Order Supply Crates
  • Report Back to any Resistance Member


Head to the First Order District and do a Friendly Introduction on two Stormtroopers in the area. Then head to the TIE echelon ship in the same area and analyze it. Make sure there aren’t any First Order members on the ship platform when you do this or you’ll be issued a warning. Next, head to the First Order Cargo Hold and survey the supply crate located around back near the small circular garden. This supply crate is out of the way so there is less chance of getting caught by a First Order member, but Stormtroopers still like to patrol this little nook so wait for them to walk away before you survey the crate. Report back to the Resistance member you received the mission from to complete this mission.

Mission 2: Risks and Rewards

After completing Leap of Faith, talk to Any Resistance Member in the encampment and use the “Ignite the Spark” social again. You’ll get a new mission called Risks and Rewards. Nope, you haven’t earned their trust, yet. Get cracking on that mission!


  • Acquire a Dataspike from the Scoundrel Contact
  • Obtain Comm Tower Access Codes
  • Disrupt First Order Transmission
  • Report back to any Resistance Member


Head to Oga’s Cantina in the Black Spire Outpost and look for the Sim with the “Scoundrel Contact” role above their heads when you scroll over them. It might take them a while to spawn so wait around a bit. They’ll hand over the Dataspike easily when you ask. Then go to the First Order District and find any control panel. They look like apartment intercom boxes stationed outside many of the doors. Click directly on the panel (the casing isn’t clickable for whatever odd reason) to analyze it. Keep analyzing the control panel until one of the slicing options available has a green thumbs up next to it, then use that method to slice into it. Slicing the control panel will use up the Dataspike you got from the Scoundrel Contact. After successfully slicing the control panel, click it again to get the Comm Tower Access Codes. Next, go to the Comm Tower near the Droid Depot. It’s the control panel embedded into a large pole with wires and cloth strung from the top of it. Select Disrupt First Order Transmission on the control panel, then head back to the Resistance Encampment to report back and complete the mission.

Mission 3: Forest Flight

The Resistance now trusts you, but their leader wants to see you in action for herself to make sure you’re the real deal. Find Vi Moradi in the Resistance Encampment to receive your next mission, Forest Flight.


  • Meet Vi Moradi
  • Scramble First Order Starfighter Traffic Monitoring Systems
  • Replace X-wing Parts
  • Fly Distraction Mission


Find Vi Moradi in the Resistance Encampment and choose Meet Vi Moradi under the Resistance options. She’ll give you the rest of your mission objectives. Then head over to the First Order District and go back to the Comm Tower near the Droid Depot to scramble the Starfighter Traffic Monitoring Systems. Next, ask Any Resistance Member about X-wing parts. They’ll tell you to buy the parts from Scoundrels at Oga’s Cantina. Go there and start chatting up a Scoundrel. You’ll need to get your friendship bar filled roughly 1/3 before the option to purchase X-wing parts becomes available. Each X-wing part costs 100gc (Galactic Credits) and you need 5 X-wing parts, so you’ll be spending 500gc in total. You should have enough credits from the last two missions so this isn’t an issue. You can purchase all 5 X-wing parts from the same Scoundrel. After obtaining all 5 X-wing parts, go back to the Resistance Encampment and replace the parts on the X-wing. Then select the X-wing to fly the distraction mission. Click through the adventure popups until you return to Batuu, then report back to Vi Moradi to complete the mission.

Now that you’ve impressed Vi herself, your Sim is officially welcomed into the Resistance! From now on, you can get all your Resistance missions directly from Vi Moradi.

Resistance Ranks

You’ll already have gotten to Rank 1 of the Resistance by the time you complete the three missions to gain their trust. See below for a breakdown of each rank’s rewards and unlockables.

Rank 1: Sympathizer


  • Galactic Credits
  • Resistance Parka
  • Hatch Elaborate Plan interaction

New Purchasable Items from Holotable:

  • Dataspike
  • Model TD2.3 Electrobinoculars

Other Notes:

  • Dataspikes can be used to slice into control panels. They are a one-time use and can get costly to purchase, so save all the ones you get as rewards for when you need them. You will be slicing into control panels frequently on Resistance missions. Alternatively, you can use a droid to slice into control panels if you have one.
  • The Electrobinoculars can be used on spacecraft explorations in Batuu. They can also be displayed as decor when you return home.

Resistance Parka – Unlocked at Rank 1 of the Resistance

Rank 2: Recruit


  • Galactic Credits
  • X-wing Pilot Outfit
  • Resistance Banners
  • Recruit interaction
  • Access through the Resistance Security Door

New Purchasable Items from Holotable:

  • Thermal Detonator

Other Notes: 

  • The Resistance Security Door is located in the Resistance Outpost in the Resistance Encampment on Batuu. It’s tricky to find as it is partially concealed in the side of a rockface. The door leads to the Resistance Holotable, which has a variety of useful functions for Resistance members, including the ability to buy various goods you may need on your missions.
  • The Resistance Banners won’t be usable on Batuu. When you travel back home, they will be in your Sim’s inventory and you can drag them onto the walls to display them.
  • The Thermal Detonator can be used on spacecraft explorations in Batuu. It can also be displayed as decor when you return home.

X-wing Pilot Outfit – Unlocked at Rank 2 of the Resistance

Rank 3: Lieutenant


  • Galactic Credits
  • Tell Tales of Galactic Adventure interaction

New Purchasable Items from Holotable:

  • DL-44 Blaster
  • Fake ID Card

Other Notes:

  • The DL-44 Blaster can be used on spacecraft explorations in Batuu. It can also be displayed as wall decor when you return home.
  • The Fake ID card can be used on spacecraft explorations in Batuu. You may also be able to avoid arrest when a First Order member checks your ID if you have a Fake ID Card in your inventory, but confirmation is needed about this.

Rank 4: Specialist


  • Galactic Credits
  • Blue Kyber Crystal
  • Lightsaber Hilt
  • Resistance Jacket
  • Resistance Vest
  • Resistance Hat
  • Enthuse About Stopping the First Order interaction

New Purchasable Items from Holotable:

  • Comlink

Other Notes:

  • Having both the Blue Kyber Crystal and the Lightsaber Hilt will allow you to combine them and create the Sturdy Protection and Defense Lightsaber, which you can use to duel with other Sims on Batuu.
  • The Comlink can be used on spacecraft explorations in Batuu.
  • Although the notification lists a vest, jacket, and hat separately as rewards for this rank, I was only able to find a full-body outfit and a matching hat as new CAS unlocks after reaching this rank.

Resistance Outfit – Unlocked at Rank 4 of the Resistance

Rank 5: Sergeant


  • Galactic Credits
  • X-wing Replica
  • Yellow Kyber Crystal
  • X-wing Explore interaction

New Purchasable Items from Holotable:

  • None

Other Notes:

  • The Yellow Kyber Crystal can be swapped with the Blue Kyber Crystal in your Lightsaber Hilt. There doesn’t appear to be any noticeable difference between the two lightsabers. The type of hilt appears to matter more than the type of crystal used to power it; however, I am still gathering info on this and will update this guide if I make any new discoveries about this.
  • The X-wing Replica is a decorative statue you can place in your house back in your home world.

Will your Sim be joining the Resistance on Batuu? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

Is the Resistance not for you? Check out our First Order Overview and Scoundrels Overview for more information on joining these factions!

Thank you to our Facebook Community member, Laura, for providing helpful info about the purchasable items from the Holotable!

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    • Did you get 5 x-wing parts from a scoundrel at Oga’s Cantina? Make sure you got 5 parts and used them to fix the x-wing.

      The option to Fly Distraction Mission was available on the x-wing immediately after I repaired it with the 5 parts. If the option is greyed out for you, try scrolling over the greyed out option and see if it tells you what other requirements you need to meet.

      If you’re sure you’ve gotten the 5 parts and repaired the x-wing and you don’t see a Fly Distraction Mission option at all when you click on the x-wing, remove all of your mods if you have any installed. A lot of mods are not working properly after the release of this pack and are interfering with the mission objectives.

        • I have the same problem, restarted it by clicking the bin icon and choosing the mission again 3 times, still nothing and I can’t find anywhere online with the same problem/solution!

  • I’m a Lieutenant and I keep getting much be rank 2 recruit to gain access to the resistance outdoor door…. is there something I’m missing???

  • I can’t find the control panel to disrupt the order for the second mission where is it at and do i have to wait for the next sim day to do that part?

    • No. It’s slightly behind the Droid Depot. It’s embedded in a pole in the middle of a tiny courtyard. The pole has wires and banners streaming from the top of it in all directions.

  • There is no option for me to receive the dataspike from the scoundrel contact when talking to him in the cantina in Risks and Rewards. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • Make sure the Sim has “Scoundrel Contact” above their heads in red when you hover over them. You can’t get the dataspike from any Scoundrel. It’s a specific Sim. The interaction is under the Batuu options. It’s not in the Friendly socials.

  • I’m stuck on the Mission leveling the playing field we have to steal the prototype blaster from the first order. It says there’s a supply crate located inside the first order cargo building I’m not seeing a crate inside I’ve got inside I’ve taken all the crates on the outside I am not finding this prototype blaster is anybody else having this problem?

    • OMGosh, this game…So I just happened to hover over the crate just outside the door but inside the build that I had opened and had taken the contents out of already and it showed the option the steal the blaster. So if anyone else has this issue you need to check it twice.

      • We have the same issue as Bethany! We did talk to the ‘scoundral contact.’ It did work with my sim, but we don’t have the option to recieve the dataspike from the scoundral contact with my boyfriends sim (I know we can’t play missions together at the same time, so we start a new mission for my boyfriend when I had completed that same mission). We really don’t get it.

      • Stuck on Leveling the Playing Field myself. This sounds so stupid, but where should I put the droid to distract all the guards at once? Like, I cannot comprehend how to not get caught at all xD

    • It’s on the back side of the main display just inside the entrance. If you turn the camera around it’s hiding!! Took me forever to find it

  • I cant complete the third mission of the resistence ”forestflight” bc I’m unable to find the ”first orders starfighting trafficing monitoring system”. Can anyone post a pic on what thing it is I’m supose to click at bc every comm tower I find says ”not working”.

  • Hi, I’m stuck on the Thwarting the Order mission. You have to access the first order holotable, but I can’t use the first order uniform to get in undetected. How on earth am I supposed to access the holotable without getting caught? Thanks

  • Hoping someone can help! I’m stuck on Levelling the Playing Field mission. I’ve seen the Informant and am trying to steal the Prototype Blaster but I can’t find it anywhere. Says it is in a supply crate inside the Cargo building but I can’t see any inside. Am I missing something? Tried all the ones outside

  • I jumped the gun a little and bought a droid before the buy a droid mission came up do I need to buy a new droid or is there a way to complete the mission with the droid I’ve bought

  • I’m stuck at the mission leveling the playing field. I already got the blaster prototy but the contact isn’t showing up at the cantina. Anybody know where to find them?

    • I’m having the same trouble and now I’ve got the option to deliver prototype to any scoundrel… do I just deliver it to someone or do I need to wait for a particular person?

  • Hi I have trouble with my sims. Does anyone know how to raise morale of resistance members can’t seem to find anything. Please help.

    • Having the same issue.. I feel like they haven’t made it obvious? Or I am missing something. Found him fleeing after I spoke with one of the first order folks now I gotta wait 30 mins for him to come back. He will look like a normal citizen tho and not one of the first order flunkies.

  • My stupid sim keeps getting in fights and not using the spare Id card. So now everyone knows my sim and she still won’t sneak into the first order in between shift changes (so the droid’s destraction protocol times out and gives her away). Any hints or tips would be helpful, I’m in a frustrated pickle.

  • I’m trying to do Levelling the Playing Field–how do you get the guards away from the supply crate? My droid doesn’t seem to have any interactions for distracting them. (It won’t even follow me properly; I keep wishing it was actually as intelligent as R2-D2!)

    • Hi Bronwyn. I’ve found your sim has to click on the droid to engage”follow protocol” then it’s little icon will show in the task panel. Click on an area of the ground to get the option “distract protocol”. Just know that there’s a set distance for the droid to distract a first order officer (and kylo ren is pretty hard, I’d suggest waiting until a peon is on shift). Problem is you have a short window — after the droid times out from the distraction they will go straight to you and give your position away! So you need to be fast.
      I’d suggest saving often and any time your sim gets in a fight reload. My stupid sim’s decided to personal bring back fight club and all the stormtroopers hate her (she has awful timing! … Or it could be my processor).

      • Thank you so much for the help! I didn’t think of clicking on the ground for the interaction–doesn’t seem intuitive? And you’re not the only one conducting a one-person war with the First Order; my sim has been personally terrified by Kylo Ren. There’s even a moodlet for it!

  • Im stuck on ” A Daring Rescue” mission and I spoke with Chewbacca but now when I click on the X-Wing there is no option to fly it which is the next part of the mission. I turned off all mods and I’m not sure what to try next.

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