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EA Playtesting is doing a Private Feedback Study for The Sims 4


EA Playtesting, an Electronic Arts division that handles feedback sessions for gamers with all sorts of different interest groups has sent out e-mails to various Sims players asking to participate in their upcoming feedback session.

The session will take place in a couple of weeks on two different dates – September 22nd and October 2nd and will be all about providing feedback on The Sims 4 and how The Sims Team can improve the game.

This private feedback session is only for those who have signed up for EA Playtesting opportunities on their website and the invitations for this feedback session is very limited. It’s also worth noting that everything mentioned during this session will probably be under strict embargo.

You’ve been selected to take part in an exciting Sims study! We need Simmers like you to give us your feedback so we can continue to improve the game you love. Please take a moment to read through the study details below, we’ll be taking 15 – 20 Sims Players to participate.

Session Length
1 hour
Remote (US and Canada)
1 EA Games of your choice (including Sims packs)!
*** Please note, this session will require a connection to the internet, a microphone to speak with the Researcher and the ability to run The Sims 4 on your computer.

EA Playtesting is doing a Private Feedback Study for The Sims 4

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