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EA Playtesting is doing a Private Feedback Study for The Sims 4

EA Playtesting, an Electronic Arts division that handles feedback sessions for gamers with all sorts of different interest groups has sent out e-mails to various Sims players asking to participate in their upcoming feedback session.

The session will take place in a couple of weeks on two different dates – September 22nd and October 2nd and will be all about providing feedback on The Sims 4 and how The Sims Team can improve the game.

This private feedback session is only for those who have signed up for EA Playtesting opportunities on their website and the invitations for this feedback session is very limited. It’s also worth noting that everything mentioned during this session will probably be under strict embargo.

You’ve been selected to take part in an exciting Sims study! We need Simmers like you to give us your feedback so we can continue to improve the game you love. Please take a moment to read through the study details below, we’ll be taking 15 – 20 Sims Players to participate.

Session Length
1 hour
Remote (US and Canada)
1 EA Games of your choice (including Sims packs)!
*** Please note, this session will require a connection to the internet, a microphone to speak with the Researcher and the ability to run The Sims 4 on your computer.

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  • 1 free game for an hour? I mean, that’s nice, but underscores how cheap they are. I did an in-person focus group + playtest through Maxis on SC2013, and it was a $100 visa gift card, Maxis/EA swag, and lunch.

  • This honestly just feels like a fake gesture to make themselves look like they’re taking what we want seriously. Players have done surveys for them a few times now and they give us the absolute bare minimum along with a slew of crap no one wanted. We have been extremely vocal about what we want for years. They know that, they even acknowledged our requests in their recent “apology” letter so they could tell us to give up hope cuz they aren’t giving any of it to us anytime soon. For them to need to plan out a feedback study makes no sense. They only care about stringing us along to keep making money, leaving it up to the modders to keep us around by fixing their bugs and pump out incredible content on a regular basis for free. There is no reason we don’t already have the things we’ve spent years begging for, like better skintones and babies. EA just doesn’t care.

    • Considering how old the game is and the engine itself holding on for certain things like open world (some people still think that’s coming) is setting yourself up for disappointment. I really want them to take the lessons from sims4 and avoid making the same mistakes. If they don’t go the cheap route with their choice of engine we will be in a better place for sims5 basegame than in sims4. As for skin tones better they take their time and add more also because just fixing them after over two years won’t be satisfying. And yes if EA did care about the sims as much as the community and gurus did they wouldn’t have given sims4 the engine that they did and the lack of resources. The engine makes it twice as difficult because it was meant for mobile. Instead of EA just working on it they just sent it to PC. Mobile even has features that many PC players would want but mobile ended up in a better place engine wise because EA started over after giving PC TS4.

      • So Sims 4 is actually Sims Mobile in beginning plan? About open world. Sure they will need increase logic effect of path find in large area if not want to enjoy freezing time and hot CPU like Sims 3 or just go ahead and auto teleport sticking sims (no more drowning).

  • just look on sites like this to find out how to “improve” this game, i mean Simmers have been doing that for well a long time. But do the creators actually pay attention to what any of the Simmers want, maybe or maybe not. We’ll never know.

  • It is in these moments I just am sad about one thing… That I live in the Netherlands :P I would not mind participating in that study. Even meet all the qualifications… except… I live outside the US and Canada. *Sighs*

  • That’s a cool concept, but the soulless suits in charge are just gonna ignore the feedback, just like they did about the last sims 4 pack poll, so in concept it sounds like a waste of everyone’s time.

    I’m pretty sure this is abuse to the actual development team and the community.

  • EA just messed up. Not everyone plays sims 4 on PC. Myself and alot of other people plays it on PlayStation. And alot of people don’t have good internet connection and speed and there’s the hackers. But I’m sure EA can also see what we buy for the sims 4 on PS. Cause they make their money from the players. But if you want to sims on PC its best to have a PC that is just for gamers and they cost more than a gaming console. This is about whacked. If they would look at social media sites and even here they could read what everyone wants. But its stupid is as stupid does. And people at EA has colleges degrees but are not as smart as those of us who don’t. But the rest of know what we want on the sims 4. When I play sims. I turn the volume down on my tv and turn on some Beatles, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, and Pinkfloyd. Cause I don’t like hearing them talk at all. They tweet. It would be nice if their vioces where better.

  • People have had the same complaints since day one. The Sims 4 has had a long run, and maybe it’s just time for the series to end.

    The Sims 4 engine was a considerable step backwards, IMO. Functionality that made previous Sims games great was removed. The world is so closed, that a sim cannot even go next door without a loading screen and abandoning control of other Sims that don’t come along. We lost so much because the developers wanted to focus on “relationships”, and we ended up getting Sims that all act the same regardless of traits.

  • I’m really FRUSTRATED at how we are ignored! We’ve been vocal about what we wanted in the game. Who voted for knitting? Someone’s Grandma over meatloaf dinner? I’m just not Buying ANYMORE…ANYTHING! Couldn’t get it right in Sims 4…I’m Done! Better not come out with Sims 5 cause I wouldn’t buy it!

  • We need cars better baby things cribs bunkbeds better baby clothes. Cars i mean the sims 2 and 3 had cars. Building why sims 2 and 3 lets you build on the edge of the property but on the sims 4 you half to have your fence a square away from the edge weird. Also horses i mean sims 3 had way better options can have horses a little farm pack you know. I just wish that the sims 4 would do a little more better please I love the sims 4 don’t get me wrong but come on guys you can do better like the sims 3. Thank you.

  • I play The Sims 4 religiously as I’m sure several people do. I think that the spooky stuff pack (Halloween) should be added to the game for free like the Christmas stuff is because Halloween is a BIG holiday like Christmas is and I love to decorate my sims homes for the holidays. I also believe that sims should be programmed to be able to drive and own real functional vehicles.

    • ALSO we shouldn’t have to buy a seasons pack either just add weather to the game cause in real life it’s not always sunny.

  • At this point I am waiting patiently for Paralives. So EA-Sims can continue to waste our time and money, but know that competition and changes are coming in OUR favor. Thanks Sims….. you’ll feel the effects soon. (: I play GTA more than Sims lol #simswho?

  • What’s the point of this? It’s not like they’re actually going to listen, that’s been proven for the past several years in TS4’s lifespan…