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The Sims 4 is getting new Skin Tones, Skin Tone & Makeup Sliders and more!

In a leaked webpage released by the official EA Answers spanish page it’s been revealed that The Sims 4 is getting some major improvements in the CAS department.

SimGuruLyndsay shared a few weeks ago that The Sims Team will be focusing in the coming weeks and months to improve representation in Create A Sim. Those would include new Skin Tones, improvements to the existing hairstyles and more. However the details haven’t been shared exactly how that’s going to be done…until done.

The leaked page from EA Answers revealed that The Sims 4 will be getting multiple updates in the coming months. The first one, slated for PC on October 6th and November 10th for Consoles will be improving two existing hairstyles and adding more skin tones. There is going to be another update in December that will not only add new cool, neutral, and warm tones “with a special emphasis to darker skins” – but that the game will also offer Skin Tone sliders for both existing and upcoming skin tones “which will allow you to modify the selected tone to darker or lighter values”. The upcoming December update will have OVER 100 Skin Tones for you to not only use but make them darker or lighter using the brand new slider.

“To complement the expanded library of skin tones that we’re launching in December, we’re adding new makeup sliders in Create A Sim Mode. Updated customization options offer a new level of control over the appearance of your Sim, so you can create the most perfect looks possible” – said the leaked page.

The team will be sharing more information in late October and early November on how they’re implementing these features to The Sims 4. Maxis also said that they’ll be sharing details about collaborations with external partners, including different highly talented community members to make sure they’re doing the upcoming content updates right.

The updates and changes will require for you to have Uncompressed Sim Textures enabled in your Game Options if you want to use the new upcoming features.

We’re currently waiting for the official English post to make sure all information is correctly translated from the Spanish webpage, which has been found by PekeSims.

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  • You can also ESPECULATE that if console is only getting the patch on Nov 10th, it is probably the patch before the next EP that PROBABLY is gonna be released around this date!

  • The Sims team is always listening and working. Shameful that the community was downright vicious towards them during the Jorney To Batuu release. An update this big has had to been in the works for a very long time.

    • I understand it looks like the community is vicious, but I think the ire was well deserved. Plenty of people had been complaining about various bugs in the game for a couple years, poc simmers had been disappointed in skin tones, and many people overall have felt disgruntled by the sims in recent years. It was soda under pressure ready to pop off, just star wars was the last straw for a majority. As some people forget people’s disappointments from eco life.

    • Should people be vicious to the sims gurus? Absolutely not, but you have to understand that this game was released in 2014 and when it first came out it was a unfinished game, and every since then they’ve been giving us unfinished lackluster game packs. Babies, skin tones, and etc. should’ve been added to the game before we got a $20 ad pack that filled with nothing but 3 lots, and rabbit hole shells. You even have to sleep in a rabbit hole like it’s a tent. They did all of that because they thought that it was going to bring in star wars fans, but they can’t even listen to their core fans, which is why that GP probably flopped (can’tsay for sure because I don’t know the numbers). POC have been complaining about the skintones for 6 years, the only reason why they listened is because big white youtubers started complaining. It’s a family simulation game but the babies are objects. People have a right to be upset, and they only listen when they’re forced too.

      • Well said. We’re tired of such small changes that should have come *way* earlier. By now I’m like, where is sims 5? Why are we still capitalizing on a game that was never fully expanded??

      • Unfortunately some people do think they’re allowed to be nasty and downright cruel to the gurus because “we’re the customers”. I can imagine they’re just as nasty to the wait staff at restaurants or the drive thru people just because they provide a service. Anyways I do agree the anger is justified shish not some of the responses as it’s not constructive. As for Star Wars, from what I understand it’s the only Star Wars dlc that allows more freedom but even some of the Star Wars fans in the community said they didn’t want this dlc. And honestly I can see why (outside of the fact that other things like babies, cars, generation focus pack etc are more popular) because it falls flat. It will unlikely appeal to fans of the older Star Wars, is based on the Disney theme version, can’t build without cheats (just the entire lot factor is a hot mess), objects contribute to how niche this pack is and lacks several things that would draw in Star Wars
        fans (including popular characters as npc, lack of space travel, transportation, etc). It was sad seeing someone who liked Star Wars just about deflate when they played because while they liked some aspect it wasn’t enough. It should’ve been a spin off like castaway. Which speaking of which I would love that to make a comeback alongside medieval spin off.

    • I agree! We should start to respect ts team more. This is a really big thing and they created this in such a little time. Bravo!!! Ts team get so much hate. Lets please end that.

    • They are *finally* listening because of all the backlash and pressure from the community Especially after the Star Wars BS (which is rightly so!) sometimes we need to get tough other wise the child is going to not listen at all “slate the rod spoil the child” which is why after 6 years this game is still the worst in the series (and that’s the truth)
      I was playing the Sims 3 the other day (just the base game) and it upset me that a game of 2009 was so much lively and had much to offer then sims 4 with all the expansions, even sims 2 base game was more complete, amazing and offered a lot for a game of 2004.
      No wonder the team now has to get their s$&@ together… they also need to know that if carry on with their lazy ways like this, “Paralives” and the other simulation game “people of ” will wipe sims 4 out.

        • Oh and “People of Newberry” is the other Simulation game (in my initial comment I accidentally cut the word out and then posted)

      • To be fair Sims 3 engine was better than Sims 4 which shouldnt be the case but that’s what happens when EA would rather turn a failed mobile game into a pc game to save money which made it twice as hard for the gurus (they had to redo a lot including the sims which is why babies became an object etc). As for lively that depends on the player as some people complained that despite being an open world lots felt empty as there were usually only a few sims compared to sims 4 where you’re at least getting 20 sims and others walking outside the lot. Personally felt Sims 2 is the best and just needs to be copied and paste to sims 5 with sims 4 cas (with color wheel) and improved textures. Open neighborhoods would be a good compromise so people with lower end computers can still manage though either way I personally don’t mind.

      • That can’t possibly be true. There isn’t enough time that this update was only created after the Star Wrs backlash. It had to be in the works for a long time. You can’t add 100 skintones, skintone sliders, make-up sliders, all in this time table.

        • Exactly. Talk to just about any cc makeup creators, particularly the more popular ones who do theirs from scratch, and they’ll tell you it’s not the snap of the fingers that some people think (which explains some of the nastiest players direct at creators). And to add sliders too? This isn’t a mod (as most players are understandably more forgiving) so they have to take a little extra care to make sure it at least functions in the game as it’s intended on release. So it was in the works beforehand, as the complaints were there before the Star Wars leaks, and maybe pushed up before the intended release due to the backlash but the backlash definitely didn’t allow time for this all to occur. Timeline doesn’t add up especially with the skin tones added into the mix.

  • This should have been apart of the game when it first came out. It really sucks that they only listen when white simmers said something.

  • the fact that it’s been SIX YEARS and this is just now happening… at least we know it’ll be in the next base game too (hopefully)

  • I wish he could also get hair and clothes slider or at least we could choose accent colors from like a full rainbow of them. And also black hair color not blue, I always have to make my sims brown haired because I don’t want all of them to have blue hair. If we can paint on pets, why can’t we chose the color of the belt or the color of the hair pin or the color of the colorful strand in the hair..

    • Yeah I use alpha hairs however there are a few in game maxis hairs I like specifically for my elder sims as they’re very neglected as a life stage in the community especially with hairs (alpha or maxis match) but I downloaded recolors that had true black which made the hairs stand out less among the alpha hairs I used and the eyebrows (which broke with the patch and since the creator looks like they’re not online anymore I’ll have to update that for myself). It’s a big pet peeve of mine that there isn’t true black in the game for hairs and clothes. Plus because I use ultra setting with reshape the texture issue (blotches) with black clothes is annoying so I either avoid them or get a cc with true black (guess I’ll have to add that to my list but it’s so tedious).

  • Glad they are doing this, I’ve stopped playing ts4 for a while now because I’ve felt like I’ve done everything I can do even when adding mods and other things the game just feels boring to me now. Hope they do more stuff like this in the future, for sure will check out the update when it comes.

  • Since I spent a lot of time in cas this is a welcomed and needed update. So shameful it took EA this long to acknowledge this and provide the resources to allow these changes to happen. I remembered putting changes about makeup on that poll and I think others did too but clearly it was the outcry from a large section of the community that made these changes happen. I’m curious about how much EA made banking on the Star Wars dlc.

  • I would love to have more hair colours too. I’m trying to make a character that looks like me but I can’t get the hair right because I have brown hair with streeks of blond

  • They will most likely dismiss the existence of gingers and albinism as usual. Just like in real life with things such as affordable make-up products. Black people here, black people there. Even in the whitest parts of europe we don’t exist while they’re catered to. You must at least be slightly tanned with a yellow undertone to be considered human it seems.

    • I agree that they should include assets which can represent sims / people with albinism, but how, in any way, are they “dismissing the existence of gingers”? Literally what are you on about?

  • What about having auburn hair colour?

    Also, how about making it easier to create the right ethnic Sim with the right skin tone? For example, if I wanted to create an Indian Sim, I don’t want their skin tone to resemble that of an African. Or an Asian’s tone resembling that of a Caucasian.

  • I just have one question and correct me if I’m wrong WHY IS IT that pc players get skin tones first and console players been…….waiting for a base game update?? Are we not in the loop??? I could’ve sworn pc players have MODS! So they been had skin tones they like and can use can we ?? (Console players) so why is it when it comes to updates why are we not the 1st !!! Ones to get it since we so….far behind we don’t have mods so why are we not the first to get the updates??? I’m so upset and I know us console players is beyond frustrated !! Is this how you treat your paying players? Ignore our wants for years and do what you guys like and want ?in a buisness isn’t it make the CUSTOMER HAPPY AND YOU WILL SEE MORE REVENUE??? Personally as I mentioned before why must we all become pc players just to get what we asked for in this game and HAVE TO DOWNLOAD mods??? Why when we pay to play don’t we? it’s not free !! Another thing when was the last free update when we did get free!!! Stuff it’s looking real sad we still on only 2 free items with all these packs??? What’s up with that ? I’m really upset and if you are too please like this post so @ea @sims4team can see how many of us CONSOLE PLAYERS FEEL !!!! I wanna thank @pixelade for keeping us updated and for trying to help us console players out I just wish the sims team would hear him out!!!!!! He has great ideas and knows WHAT WE WANT

  • Hi plz can u make wheelchairs, vitiligo,prosthetic limbs, Down’s syndrome, autism and chemiopherapy hair loss and cerebral palsy also like aloepecia plz I feel like everyone needs
    To have a place in sims the equality stuff is appalling, people want to make sims like they are. Xx an avid sims user.

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