Snowy Escape

Breakdown of all the new Neighborhoods and Lots in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape


The Sims Team released an interactive map of Mount Komorebi – a new world coming with The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack!

Within the interactive Map they’ve revealed details regarding the 3 new Neighborhoods and Lots within them. We’ve gathered all the information from the Map that you can see down below into a breakdown of all the Lots and Information for each new Neighborhood. Check it out!

Wakaba Neighborhood

Like its namesake, Wakaba is young, new, and bright as the leaves of a tree in early springtime. This small town is up-and-coming in the region, home to beautiful, sleek new homes and an attractive town center featuring Mt. Komorebi’s official mascot: Yamachan. Tourists of all ages can enjoy the Festival of Youth, or simply take in the neighborhood’s natural beauty.




2-4-2 WAKABAMORI (Rental)


A swanky hotspot for both locals and tourists, Hazakura Lounge is the perfect place to grab a drink, meet locals, and watch local musicians take the stage.

Festival of Youth

Each neighborhood hosts its own festival! In Wakaba, enjoy the Festival of Youth, where children can join Yamachan on a Voidcritter Hunt. The Festival of Lights in Senbamachi honors the dead with dazzling displays and wishes for the living, while the Festival of Snow in Yukimatsu stuns with snow sculptures and games. Check out festival-exclusive outfits and collectibles from the vending machines.

Senbamachi Neighborhood

Senbamachi, the town of a thousand leaves, is the oldest in the region. Many locals enjoy the town’s connection to nature, especially with the bamboo forests surrounding the town and unique spritely creatures that make a home in their leaves. It’s said that if you walk the local trails long enough, you’re bound to meet the guardians of the trees who reward those who love and respect their dwelling.





Izakaya Ippai is the perfect place to meet up with friends, play a game of cards, or chat with the locals of Senbamachi.


Hanamigawa Koen is a beautiful natural space that belongs to everyone! The land was donated to the town by families who wanted to preserve a little bit of the sweeping, surrounding natural beauty in the heart of Senbamachi.


Many Sims pause to mourn or offer a gift in the graveyard while on a hike. And sometimes, just sometimes, Sims might encounter spirits like kodama or other forest spirits! (Just try not to get cursed.)


This beautiful temple inspires many Sims to stop and reflect in its shadow. Swing by on a hike to take a selfie with this landmark or make a wish at the ema board.


The bamboo forest is an incredibly scenic destination for Sims on a hike. Listen to the sound of the trees rustling together, and keep an eye out for wildlife like bats, Japanese hornets, and denkimushi. (Make sure to carry spray repellents just in case!)


Many Sims start building their mountain climbing skills at the easiest rock wall in Yukimatsu, then visit the course in Senbamachi to continue improving. Good climbers often venture out on a mountain climbing excursion to the peak once they’re comfortable clinging to these cliffsides.

YUKIMATSU Neighborhood

The true beauty of the countryside can be seen from Yukimatsu, named for its snow-covered pines. Located on the slopes of Mt. Komorebi, this area offers gorgeous vacation rentals, a variety of snow sports, untamed wilderness, and a peaceful Onsen Bathhouse getaway. Whether it’s relaxation in a hot spring, seeing the sights of the Snow Festival, or an exhilarating climb to Mt. Komorebi’s highest peak, this year-round snowy wonderland has something for everyone.

5-1-1 KIYOMATSU (Rental)

5-1-2 KIYOMATSU (Rental)


The Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day on the mountain. The natural hot springs have rejuvenating properties that will get any weary (or bruised!) adventurer back into the action in no time.


Take this up to the top to reach the trails and start a mountain-climbing excursion to the peak of Mt. Komorebi! It’s much easier than trudging uphill through the snow.


The snowy slopes at the base of the mountain offer plenty of fun. Stick to the bunny slope for sledding, or choose one of the four different trails at the top of the gondola for skiing and snowboarding. (Most beginners stick to the bunny slope as well while they learn to stay on their feet.)


Venture out onto the hiking trails in Senbamachi and Yukimatsu to see all the natural beauty that surrounds the town itself. Stop at any of the points of interest or merely take it all in on a mindful walk or energetic stroll.

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