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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Snowboarding Skill Guide

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Snowboarding is a brand new 10 level skill that comes with The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. Sims can snowboard in Mt. Komorebi in the neighbourhood of Yukimatsu, where there is plenty of snow all year round. At first, they will only have access to the beginner bunny slopes but as they gain more skill, they will be able to tackle more advanced slopes.

Sims who excel in snowboarding can unlock a new snowboarding outfit and three new snowboards!

Slope Previews

Your Sims will progress from the Bunny Slopes, to the Easy, Intermediate, Expert, and Ludicrous Slopes as they advance in the Snowboarding Skill. They will also unlock higher intensity runs on each slope as they build the skill. Details about which slopes and intensities unlock at each level are listed below, but here’s a sneak peek at each slope to give you an idea of what your Sims will be dealing with out there on the mountain. Are they brave enough to tackle the extremely dangerous Ludicrous Slope?

Adults Only? Nope!

Children can snowboard, too! They have their own child-sized snowboard that can be rented or purchased. Children do not build the Snowboarding Skill; they build Motor Skill while snowboarding, instead. After a child Sim maxes out the Motor Skill, spending some more time practicing on the bunny slopes will unlock the easy slope for them at low, medium, and high intensities. We were not able to unlock the intermediate, advanced, or ludicrous slopes for our child Sims no matter how much we practiced, however.

Level 1

  • Can snowboard on the Bunny Slopes and Easy Slope (Low, Medium, & High Intensities)

Level 2

  • Ask other Sims to become Snow Bros… and revoke the invitation
  • New snowboarding pants
The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Snowboarding Skill Guide

Snowboarding pants unlocked at Level 2 of the Snowboarding Skill

Level 3

  • Can snowboard on the Intermediate Slope (Low & Medium Intensity)
  • Snow Bro High Five interaction
  • X2 Classified Timber snowboard

Level 4

  • Unlock High Intensity runs on the Intermediate Slope
  • Can snowboard on the Expert Slope (Low & Medium Intensity)
  • Can Research Snowboarding Techniques on a computer
  • Get Hyped self-interaction
  • New trick moves

Level 5

  • Unlock High Intensity runs on the Expert Slope
  • Mock Skiing interaction
  • New snowboarding jacket
The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Snowboarding Skill Guide

Snowboarding jacket unlocked at Level 5 of the Snowboarding Skill

Level 6

  • Endure the Burn interaction
  • New trick move
  • Freestyle UltraBoard snowboard

Level 7

  • Brag About Shredding interaction
  • Stretch it Out self-interaction, which helps your Sim recover from injuries faster

Level 8

  • Dare to Attempt Risky Slope interaction
  • New trick moves

Level 9

  • Chat About Rad Slopes interaction

Level 10

  • Coach Snowboarding interaction
  • Provide Snowboarding Tips interaction
  • Record Snowboarding Video self-interaction; Snowboarding Videos can be uploaded to a computer
  • GnomeBoard X snowboard

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