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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Rock Climbing Skill Guide

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Rock Climbing is a brand new 10 level skill that comes with The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. Sims can rock climb in Mt. Komorebi in the neighbourhood of Yukimatsu, where there are plenty of rock faces just waiting to be conquered. At first, they will only have access to the small rock wall but as they gain more skill, they will be able to tackle taller rock walls and even make it all the way to the peak of Mt. Komorebi by braving its tallest, most dangerous rock walls!

Sims who excel in rock climbing can unlock a new pair of snow goggles and a new climbing suit!

Rock Wall Previews

When you first arrive in Yukimatsu, it can be hard to find a rock wall to climb. The area is so large and I had to spend some time looking around for where I should get started building this skill. Luckily, you won’t have to, because I’ve got all the rock walls and their locations right here for you! Some of the taller rock walls can only be accessed through mountain excursion social events.

Come Prepared

Before you start tackling rock walls, make sure you order some Rock Climbing Gear through the computer. Rock Climbing Gear costs 450 and will greatly increase your Sim’s chances of a successful climb. It doesn’t last forever, though! Rock Climbing Gear becomes worn out and damaged over time. It’s important to keep it maintained and repair it when it breaks. Eventually, not even maintenance and repairs will salvage your Rock Climbing Gear and you’ll have to purchase a new set.

To prolong the life of your Rock Climbing Gear, we recommend checking on its condition after every climb. You can equip/unequip, maintain, and repair your Rock Climbing Gear from your Sim’s inventory by clicking on it. Hovering over the Rock Climbing Gear in your Sim’s inventory will show you its current condition. Equipped Rock Climbing Gear cannot be maintained or repaired. Unequip the Rock Climbing Gear first, then do maintenance and repairs.

Another way to prepare for a climb is by clicking on any rock wall and choosing Inspect Climbing Conditions. You will be informed of your Sim’s chances of success based on their skill, Rock Climbing Gear condition, the difficulty of the wall, and current weather conditions. If conditions are icy, or if your Sim’s Rock Climbing Gear is in rough shape, it’s smarter to just postpone your climb until conditions improve and your Rock Climbing Gear is in top shape.

Finally, while it might sound counter-intuitive, taking breaks in between climbs can help your Sims perform better on climbs, too. It’s not a good idea to try and grind this skill constantly. Your Sims can become tired and sustain injuries on climbs. Injured Sims have much lower chances of successful climbs; they can even fall to their deaths on tall rock walls! For the best results, take a breather in between climbs and if your Sims are tired, injured, or if conditions are bad, postpone your climb.

Level 1

  • Can climb Small Rock Walls (Cautious & Normal)
  • Can Equip and Remove Rock Climbing Gear

Level 2

  • Can climb Small Rock Walls (Courageous)
  • Can do Breaking Point Climbing Sessions on Small Rock Walls
  • New Snow Goggles
The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Rock Climbing Skill Guide

Snow Goggles unlocked at Level 2 of the Rock Climbing Skill.

Level 3

  • Can do Pre-Climb Stretching
  • Can climb Medium Height Rock Walls (Cautious & Normal)

Level 4

  • Chalk Hands self-interaction, which improves chances of a successful climb
  • Can climb Medium Height Rock Walls (Courageous)

Level 5

  • Can do Breaking Point Climbing Sessions on Medium Height Rock Walls
  • New climbing suit
The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Rock Climbing Skill Guide

Climbing Suit unlocked at Level 5 of the Rock Climbing Skill

Level 6

  • Can climb Tall Rock Walls (Attempt Climb)
  • Chat About Beta of a Route interaction

Level 7

  • Can craft Energy Bars
  • Can climb Tall Rock Walls (Cautious)

Level 8

  • Can climb Tall Rock Walls (Normal & Practice Sessions)

Level 9

  • Can craft Protein Bars
  • Can climb Tall Rock Walls (Courageous)

Level 10

  • Coach Rock Climbing interaction
  • Offer Rock Climbing Tips interaction

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