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The Sims 4: Language Barriers Mod

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Sims in The Sims 4 all speak one language – Simlish. However, what if there were different language branches within the Simlish universe?

Over the last few years we’ve gotten packs for The Sims 4 that explored numerous cultures. Now, with the Language Barriers mod you’ll be able to have different Languages within the game for different cultures that have been introduced through some of the previous packs!

Within the Language Barriers Mod there are six different languages your Sims can learn: Komorebigo (Snowy Escape), Selvadoradian (Jungle Adventure), Simlish, Sixami (Get to Work), Sulani (Island Paradise) and Windenburgish (Get Together). Sims who live natively in one of the worlds from these packs will automatically have a proper language assigned to them – for example Sims from Mt. Komorebi automatically getting the Komorebigo language skill. However, if other Sims want to communicate with such Sims fluently they’ll have to get to work and learn all about the language of the Sim they want to speak with.

There are many ways Sims can learn languages including reading a textbook, using the “Simlingo” app and interacting with other Sims who speak the language.

This great Mod is fully functional with the latest Sims 4 Update and pack and will provide great depth to social interactions! You can learn more about the mod, along with the download link listed below:

A world where everyone speaks the same language is unrealistic. This mod adds new languages to the Sims universe, which introduces a unique challenge to the game.


  • Six languages: Komorebigo, Selvadoradian, Simlish, Sixami, Toki Sulani, and Windenburgish.
  • Native languages are assigned to sims (children and older) depending on their home world, traits, and occult type.
  • Toddlers will acquire their native language(s) once they become children. The languages they acquire depends on which ones they have been exposed to while growing up.
  • Sims can learn another language by using Simlingo, reading a textbook, or interacting with other sims who speak it.
  • Communication between sims is limited when they do not share a language. New interactions unlock as you learn more of the other sim’s language(s).
  • Sims may miscommunicate when they do not share a language. This results in an embarrassed, angry, or tense moodlet that will get worse the more they talk.


The Sims 4: Language Barriers Mod

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