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Preparing for The Sims 4’s December 2020 Content Update


We’re just days away until one of the biggest updates for The Sims 4!

The Sims Team will be releasing a big Create A Sim Update on December 8th – giving over a hundred new Skin Tones to choose from as well as new Skin Tone and Makeup tools and options. Before I explain how you can prepare your game for this big update let’s quickly talk about what are some of the announced features coming with the update.

The Skin Tones update will now include a completely seperate Skin Tones category in Create A Sim, giving you the option to choose from 4 different Skin Tone categories: Warm, Neutral, Cold and Miscellaneous. With each Skin Tone there’s also a hue slider that lets you make any Skin Tone of your choice darker or paler depending on your preference. Each custom Skin Tone preset that you make with the slider can also be saved so you can quickly use the same Skin Tone variant for your next Sims that you create.

Preparing for The Sims 4’s December 2020 Content Update

When it comes to new Makeup Features – there’s a lot of them. Not only that there are 4 new sliders that will let you customize makeup but each slider will work for ANY piece of makeup we’ve gotten over the last 6 years – including the Makeup from Base Game as well as all the packs we have so far.

There are 4 new sliders for Makeup: Hue, Brightness, Saturation and Transparency. One of the most important things to note here is that the Hue Slider will allow you to change the color of the makeup to any color you want – meaning that you’re no longer limited to the preset variants that each makeup option offers.

Preparing for The Sims 4’s December 2020 Content Update

Another part of this update that’s been announced is adding and improving some of the Base Game hairstyles.

Three more base game hairstyles will see improvements in the December update. These include two children’s hairstyles—the braided ponytail with baby hairs and the braided ponytail without baby hairs—and the flat-top texture hairstyle.

The team also revealed that they’ll be improving the Base Game afro hairstyle, however that won’t be included in this month’s update.

So, what does this update mean for your game and the possible Custom Content / Mods you might have already installed in your mods folder?

It’s not known yet what else might be included in this update beside the CAS features that I’ve talked about above, however with big updates like these it’s always important to play it safe and remove any CC / Mods you might have installed. The game will automatically disable them after opening up The Sims 4 for the first time after the update but it’s important that you leave them disabled until your favorite Mod creators confirm that their Mods work, don’t work and / or are planning to release an updated version of their creations to work with the latest update.

One thing is 99.9% certain – any Custom Skin Tones / Makeup that you’ve possibly installed will probably be broken after this update considering that this update is changing the way Skin Tones / Makeup work and function from the ground up.

There is a chance that the talented modders over at Sims4Studio might come up with a batch-fix solution that will fix CC Skin Tones / Makeup to work with the latest update. We’ll definitely keep you posted when and if that happens!

Until then, play it safe and ensure your save game files are healthy and ready for the next update! If you’re just getting started with Mods / CC make sure you check out our handy guide!

Stay tuned on Sims Community to be the first to know when the new update comes out!

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