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The Sims 4: Skin Tone Genetics Issue is being looked into


The Sims 4’s new update brought tons of new Skin Tones along with different sliders to make them more dark or pale. However, as pointed out by many members in the community there are a few issues when it comes to Genetics. More specifically, the Skin Tones don’t translate well to the offspring of two Sims with different Skin Tones.

I’ve tested out the Genetics feature in Create A Sim with Sims who have totally different Skin Tones. After pressing the Randomize button for the Child Sim created through genetics the results were always…white. Even after pressing the randomize button 10 times.

The issue also persists in Live Mode if two Sims have a baby together.

The Sims Team has acknowledged the issue and stated the following:

Hi Simmers, we are aware of the genetics selector issue in The Sims 4, and we’re investigating it.

Here’s to hoping that the issue will be fixed soon!

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