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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator: Interior Decorator Career Overview

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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator pack introduces our Sims to the world of Interior Design. Better still your Sim can be the designer and help bring their clients dreams and wishes alive. Well, at least that is the plan.

As with any career, your Sim can join the Interior Decorator Career simply by sitting down at a laptop/computer, using their cell phone, or by the job tab on the user interface.  The Interior Decorator career can be found under the Professions tab.

The Interior Decorator career is slightly different from the other professions (except for the Actor/Actress profession that comes with Get Famous) where the work is distributed by you choosing which gigs you’d like your Sim to do.

To select your first gig, simply head to the Career Panel and select Look For Gigs.

As you will just be starting your journey as an Interior Decorator, you won’t have many Gigs available to you but as earn promotions you’ll find a bigger variety of Gigs will become available to you.

You’ll notice that there will be a variety of gigs to choose from, starting with Room Renovations and heading up to Level Additions and Renovations. While the majority will be greyed out when you first start, you’ll get an idea of future Gigs you can go for in the future. For the Gigs that are available currently to your Sim, you’ll be given all the information you need such as the client name, budget, pay, gig type, lot type and your start/finish time.

Once you’ve selected your first Gig, you’ll now notice that your Career Panel has changed a little bit.

Here you will find everything that you need to know for each Gig. Even though you’ll get some optional tasks, it’s always recommended that you try to complete them to help your Sim get a better understanding of their client and what their vision is.

If you get stuck and aren’t too sure what to do during a Gig, simply hover other the task, and it will give you an explanation as to how to go about it.

As you complete each Gig you’ve notice that your Reputation and Performance bars will increase. Of course, if things don’t quite go to plan, or you select a Gig and decide to cancel it, that will have a negative impact on both. It will also take longer for you to max out both to earn a promotion.

When it is time to start your Gig, you will get a pop-up asking if you would like to go with your Sim or Send Alone. It is up to you which you choose as it will still complete the task of  visiting the clients’ lot. Typically speaking, once you’ve accepted a new Gig, it will begin at 9am the following day and run through until 9pm.

As with any career, there are a number of promotions your Sim can earn to become the ultimate Interior Decorator. You’ll also find that pay varies depending on the kind of Gig that you undertake and there is no hourly rate as such in this career.

Below you’ll find details of each level of the Interior Decorator Career starting with the joining level.

  • Interior Colour Consultant
  • Interior Design Technician
  • Space Manager
  • Decorating Consultant
  • Building Space Planner
  • Home Organizer
  • Home Decorator
  • Business Interior Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Certified Interior Designer

You’ll notice that your Sim isn’t given any Vacation Days as such as you have the flexibility to chose as and when you complete Gigs.

Career Rewards

As you earn promotions in the Interior Decorator Career, you’ll unlock three exclusive objects within Buy Mode.

Issues of Interior Design Magazine – Unlocked at Level 2
Patterns And Shapes – Modern Rug – Unlocked at Level 5
S.I.Mac P.R.O Laptop – Unlocked at Level 10

You will also unlock several new Create A Sim options as well!

  • Overalls (2 Styles) – Unlocked at Level 3
  • Utili-kilt – Unlocked at Level 6
  • Waist Coat and Shirt Combo – Unlocked at Level 7

All of the new Create A Sim additions are Unisex

What kind of Gigs are you looking forward to exploring with your Sims?

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