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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator: Professional Reputation

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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator: Professional Reputation

In The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator, your Sims can embark on an exciting new active career in interior design! One major feature of the Interior Decorator career that makes it unique is reputation. Your Interior Decorator must build their professional reputation alongside performance to get the most out of the career.

Unlike performance, reputation does not reset after every promotion. You carry your reputation with you throughout your entire career. The main way to build reputation is by going to your gigs and doing a good job on them but when you reach higher levels of the career, you’ll be able to build reputation through social media and writing design books as well. Every once in a while, a brand might contact you offering you free goods in the hopes that you will use their products in some of your future renovations. This can also boost your reputation. Your work might even be featured on the Dream Home Decorator Network!

The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator: Professional Reputation

Building up your reputation as an Interior Designer is important if you want to land high profile gigs and clients. It can also be your saving grace if you ever do poorly on a gig. When you start building a good reputation, previous clients may come back to you to do more work for them since they loved what you did for them last time. They can also refer you to their friends, who may contact you about hiring you for a gig. If you have a great professional reputation but for whatever reason completely fail a gig, that client may be more willing to contact you again in the future to offer you a second chance. Reputation can make or break you as an Interior Decorator. Keep your reputation consistently high and enjoy brand perks, client referrals, callbacks, and more challenging and rewarding gigs. You can even get thank you letters in the mail from happy clients you’ve worked for, as well as calls to tell you how much they love the space you designed for them.

If you own the Get Famous expansion pack, be careful not to get Interior Decorator reputation confused with Get Famous’ reputation system. They are two separate systems that function independently of each other; however, Get Famous is integrated into your professional reputation as an Interior Decorator. Interior Decorators can gain fame from having a good professional reputation. Whenever a brand contacts you about your work, you’ll gain some fame from that recognition. You can use social media to your advantage to build both fame and reputation, too. Post all your before and after photos to Simstagram to get noticed and potentially become a famous Interior Decorator! If you’ve really established yourself in the Interior Decorating world, celebrities might want you to work for them!

The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator: Professional Reputation

Remember, it’s not just about your job performance as an Interior Decorator. Your reputation matters, too. Do well on gigs and use social media to your advantage to gain the attention of big brands and get referrals and callbacks. With Get Famous installed, a high reputation means the chance to work for celebrities or maybe even become a famous Interior Decorator, yourself!

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