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This Post Puts The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Into Perspective

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Since Dream Home Decorator launched, online fan spaces have been flooded with frustrated Simmers complaining that the game pack makes no sense; how are they supposed to design a snowboarding, rock-climbing, pipe organ themed bathroom?! Why do clients give them likes and dislikes that are completely unrelated to home design?

Well, it’s because that’s not far from the truth of what real interior designers have to deal with. Any avid viewer of interior design shows knows that designers will often try to find out the clients’ hobbies and lifestyle as well as their visual preferences in order to design a space that both looks nice and is functional for that person’s lifestyle. They also have to contend with multiple clients in the same house whose preferences clash with each other. Their job is to sort through that conflicting information and gently steer the clients in a different direction if they’re going way off course. That’s the whole challenge of being a designer.

A reddit post by Intern_Waffle posted in the /r/Sims4 reddit sums up exactly this.

Intern_Waffle states what should have been obvious to everyone from the very beginning. Dream Home Decorator is a game pack. Therefore, you actually have to play the game to do well in it. People who rush into renovations as soon as they fill those little bubbles with likes and dislikes are going to struggle because they didn’t bother to play the game. They didn’t spend some extra time trying to find out other likes and dislikes or suggesting that the client give them different preferences that are easier to work with. It’s all about navigating the game the way a real designer would navigate their day-to-day job.

That’s not to say the pack doesn’t have bugs. Things like the reveal slideshow not playing, gigs abruptly ending with no pay, and Sims not being prompted to go to their gigs at the right time are all problematic glitches that The Sims Team needs to prioritize fixing as soon as possible but unrelated or conflicting client preferences are not one of those bugs. They are part of the game and if players actually take the time to play the game to its fullest potential, they’ll find that Dream Home Decorator is one of the most immersive and true-to-life game packs released to date.

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