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Creator Spotlight: Eva Rotky


Eva Rotky is a passionate builder in The Sims 4 who creates a variety of different modern and minimalistic builds which also have a realistic feel and look to them. I recently came across a post in our Facebook Group that showed a lovely modern home with a gorgeous glass cube style room at the front of the build.

Upon watching Eva’s video for the build, there was one thing that really stood out to me, and that was how she utilizes the features of Twisted Mexi’s T.O.O.L mod to make her builds even more unique. Of course, pairing this with the items that can be found in Debug mode also opens up even more options and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in game.

After watching the speed build, I checked out some more of Eva’s builds, including her Modern Mega Mansion and Industrial Loft Build. However, I also discovered that Eva has a variety of videos that look at interior design and architecture, tutorials for both building and decorating in game and speed builds based on some of our favourite television shows and movies.

Why not take a look at the builds we have featured in this post and many more of Eva’s wonderful modern and minimalistic builds over on her YouTube channel!

You can find and follow Eva using the links below!

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