The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Likes & Dislikes to be Expanded in the Future!


The Sims 4 got a personality improvement for Sims back in late May with the Likes & Dislikes Preference addition. This feature allows players to choose which Music, Colors, Activities and Architecture (with Dream Home Decorator) their Sims like or dislike.

We got a hint with the release of the update in the patch notes that the current categories added to the Base Game are only the first iteration:

Sims can now have Likes and Dislikes! For our first sweep of Like and Dislike categories added to Base Game, you can now define whether your Sims Like (or Dislike) various Colors, Music Genres, or Activities in Create a Sim near the Traits Molecule.

In the latest Inside Maxis livestream the developers revealed that next up they’ll be tackling new music preferences & activities for the future update:

Will the likes & dislikes system be expanded in the future?

Well we saw a very positive reaction from the community when we added the new likes & dislikes in the base game last month but we definitely don’t want to stop there! We definitely want to add new music preferences & activities as time allows.

The Sims 4: Likes & Dislikes to be Expanded in the Future!

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