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Creator Spotlight: Plumbaleena


Plumbaleena is a Simmer  with a love of pastel colours and French Country Homes who has been playing The Sims since it first came out back in 2000. Now in 2021, she is sharing her creations with the community on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

I first discovered Plumbaleena through a tweet that a friend of mine had liked that popped up on my feed one day recently. I decided to take a look at some of her creations and I actually ended up watching so many over the next few days.

I loved how adorable and cosy Plumbaleena’s builds are as well as the amount of detail that she puts into each build too. Not only that, she has a variety of different styles of builds that all looked amazing. Some of my favourites were the Glamping Site, Student Apartment, Mediterranean Villa  and the New England Suburban speedbuild. All of Plumbaleena’s builds are CC free too!

Another video that was very insightful and helpful to watch was Plumbaleena’s Landscaping Tutorial. As someone who struggles with landscaping at times I’ve definitely learnt some new tricks to use next time I’m landscaping a build.

Why not take a look at the builds we have featured in this post and many more of Plumbaleena’s wonderful builds over on her YouTube channel!

You can find and follow  using the links below!

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Hey, I'm Krista! Long time Simmer and Sims Community Staff.

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