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THE FINAL SHOWDOWN: Who is the Best Sims 4 Townie?


Over the past month, we at Sims Community have set out to settle the long-argued debate among Simmers. Which Sims 4 premade Sim is the best of the best? We broke it down by base game, game packs (plus Paranormal Stuff), and expansion packs parts 1 and 2. You cast your votes to tell us which of those Sims deserved to make it to the finals.

And today, the day has come. It’s the final showdown! It’s time to settle this once and for all. Your winners from past polls are here to battle it out for the top spot. Unlike past polls, you cannot vote for multiple Sims this time. There can only be one!

Remember to click the text and not the image when casting your vote!

This poll has ended (since 2 years).

Who is the best Sims 4 townie OF ALL TIME?

Bella Goth
48.96% 2,122 Votes
21.44% 929 Votes
Akira Kibo
15.99% 693 Votes
Nalani Mahi'ai
13.61% 590 Votes

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