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The Sims 4 has started offering a “Motherlode Shortcut” to Players


The Sims 4 is somewhat known for its helpful ways of recommending cheats to the player. Whether it’s a Tip on The Sims 4’s Home Page or in the game’s loading screen, the game often finds a way to remind the player that there are cheats in the game.

However, we really haven’t seen The Sims 4 offering help or shortcuts while actually playing the game – up until now.

@CarlsSimGuides reports that their friend has just recently gotten the following message while playing the game:

The Sims 4 has started offering a “Motherlode Shortcut” to Players

As you can see in the prompt screen above the game notifies the player that they are running low on funds and that they have a one time Simoleons offer, with some tips on how you can earn Simoleons in the game. If the offer is accepted you’ll be given 50,000 Simoleons – which is the same amount of Simoleons you get after typing in the motherlode cheat. Of course this shortcut is only optional and you can choose to cancel the offer.

He explained that the message popped out once his friend started running low on funds in the game. To make things a bit more weird the sum that his friend had was 2,280 Simoleons – which to be frank isn’t a drastically low amount for a message like this to be popping out.

Right now we don’t know when exactly did The Sims Team implement this chance feature in the game nor how rare it is, but we can confirm that it is featured in The Sims 4 after confirming this prompt screen is included now in the game files.

Do you like this idea of “one time gifts” in The Sims 4 or do you prefer for features like this to be exclusive for the cheat console? Let us know in the comments!

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