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StrangerVille Travel Brochure


I love taking my Sims on vacation to places that wouldn’t typically be considered a vacation destination. There’s more to The Sims 4 than Sulani, Selvadorada, and Granite Falls, after all! Each world offers its own unique activities to enjoy and sights to see. One world that too often gets overlooked is StrangerVille. Sure, it’s not the sandy beaches of Sulani or the exciting jungle of Selvadorada, but for Sims who enjoy a more offbeat vacation experience, StrangerVille has it all, from scenic desert views to a conspiracy to unravel!

So here’s your StrangerVille travel brochure to help you get the most out of everything this desert town has to offer!

StrangerVille Travel Brochure

StrangerVille Travel Brochure


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