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COMMUNITY POLL: What are Your Thoughts on the Industrial Loft Kit?


On Thursday, The Sims 4 got a brand new kit, called the Industrial Loft Kit; a collection of 20 or so Build/Buy items inspired by the converted warehouse lofts of Brooklyn, New York. Kits have been a contentious topic in the fandom ever since their debut but Industrial Loft had a particularly rocky launch.

For starters, the kit accidentally leaked on the Steam Store several days ahead of schedule. Some players even managed to buy the kit early before it was taken down roughly two hours later. It was then discovered that a window that was featured prominently in the kit’s marketing adverts is not actually included in the kit. While The Sims Team promised to add it to the kit in a free patch, this promise was only made after public backlash to the false advertising. Players have also noticed other small discrepancies with the items in the pack, like the expensive double bed being listed with an energy rating of 1. Lilsimsie has since shown on her YouTube channel that the bed’s energy rating is simply a typo and that the bed seems to recover the same amount of energy as a bed with an energy rating of 4-5.

Some players were very forgiving of the hiccoughs with the release; others were pretty outraged. We want to know how you feel not only about the issues with the kit’s launch but about the content of the kit itself. It’s time to share your opinion and contribute your voice to the discussion in our latest community poll!

Please remember this is a community poll and is not endorsed by or affiliated with EA or Maxis.

Did you purchase the Industrial Loft Kit?

Did the controversy around the launch affect your decision about whether or not to buy the Kit?

Do you think the Industrial Loft Kit comes with enough items?

What do you think of the style of the items in the Industrial Loft Kit?

How often do you think you'll build with the items in this kit?

Do you prefer Build/Buy Kits over other types of Kits?

Have you enjoyed all or any of the kits released thus far?

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