The Sims 4

We finally updated our The Sims 4 Timeline Page

The Sims 4 turns exactly 7 years today!

That’s right – on September 2nd, 2014 The Sims 4 Base Game hit the shelves first in the United States, and then days later went worldwide.

It’s needless to say that The Sims 4’s road was long with numerous content updates and pack releases. Some might not know this but the Base Game didn’t have a functional dishwasher for an entire year! For 11 months and 4 days your Sims had to rely on nothing else but the sinks to get rid of the dishes.

We covered a lot of interesting releases and changes throughout The Sims 4’s cycle in our dedicated The Sims 4 Timeline – which now covers all seven years of the game’s releases!

Click the button below to check out The Sims 4’s entire Timeline.


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