The Sims 4 Timeline


Ghosts Update

Pools Update

Careers Update

Holiday Celebration Free Pack

Outdoor Retreat Game Pack

Genealogy Update

Mac OS Integration

Basements Update

Get to Work Expansion Pack

Luxury Party Stuff Pack

Newcrest World Update

Perfect Patio Stuff Pack

Half Walls + Door Locks Update

Spa Day Game Pack

Dishwashers Update

Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack

Spooky Stuff Pack

Get Together Expansion Pack

Movie Hangout Stuff Pack

16th Anniversary Content Update

Romantic Garden Stuff Pack

Tragic Clown Update

Gender Customization Options Update

Dine Out Game Pack

Kids Room Stuff Pack

Nanny Update

Backyard Stuff Pack

July 19th, 2016


Lot Traits Update

City Living Expansion Pack

November 1st, 2016

The Sims 4 Timeline

Holiday Celebration Pack Update

Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack

Toddlers Update

Vampires Game Pack

Bowling Night Stuff Pack

Parenthood Game Pack

Fitness Stuff Pack

Toddler Stuff Pack

New Items Update

Holiday Celebration Diwali Update

Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack

Holiday Celebration Update

Laundry Day Stuff Pack

Jungle Adventure Game Pack

My First Pet Stuff Pack

Glass Roofs, Gardening Overhaul & Outfit Categories Update

Seasons Expansion Pack

The Gallery Update

Caribbean Content Update

Terrain Tools, Foundation Improvements, First Person Camera, New Career & Items

Get Famous Expansion Pack

Holiday Celebration Pack Update

Lunar New Year Content Update

Strangerville Game Pack

Freelancer Careers & New items

Random Traits Button, Lounge Chairs, Pride Content, New Foundations & Item Swatches, New Lot Traits & More

Island Living Expansion Pack

CAS Stories, New Items, Unlocked Build Items & More

Photography Improvements Update

Moschino Stuff Pack

Configurable Stairs & 5th Anniversary Update

Realm of Magic Game Pack

Multi-Story Columns, UI Improvements Update

Discover University Expansion Pack

The Gallery for Consoles

Tiny Living Stuff Pack

The ``big`` 20th Anniversary Content Update - The Tub

The 20th Anniversary Update Reparations

Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack

nobody knows what exactly happened here

Hispanic Heritage Month Content Update

Platforms, Sentiments, Vacation Anywhere Update

Snowy Escape Expansion Pack

Skin Tone & Makeup Sliders Update

Scared Emotion Addition

Paranormal Stuff Pack

Bunk Beds & Trait Improvements Update

Courtyard Oasis Kit

Bunk Bed Improvements, CAS Preferences, New Hair Colors

Dream Home Decorator Game Pack

Water Tools, Group Activities, Food Delivery, The Calendar Update

Cottage Living Expansion Pack

Industrial Loft Kit

Yet to come...

Here’s the content announced to come in The Sims 4’s near future: