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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Genshin Impact Showcase

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Over the last couple of weeks, when I’ve not been playing The Sims 4, I’ve found myself exploring the world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact. As I was playing one evening, I was wondering if there was any way I could make my Sims look like the characters from the game. After a quick search, I discovered that it was definitely possible.

Here is a selection of Genshin Impact Custom Content that you can download right now for The Sims 4.

Lisa’s & Xiao’s Outfits by MS|Mary Sims

Click here to download and here to download Xiao’s outfit.

Venti’s Outfit by Vedora-Kingdom

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Genshin Impact Showcase

Click here to download Venti’s Outfit.

Lumine & Noelle by Lady-Moriel

Click here to download Lumine’s outfit and here to download Noelle’s outfit.

Xiao Tattoo by Peachy Sims

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Genshin Impact ShowcaseClick here to download.

Don’t forget to check out each of these creators for more Genshin Impact inspired custom content and more!

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