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The Sims 4 TUTORIAL: Fixing Group Poses Where Sims Pose in the Wrong Spot

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If you’re an avid Sims storyteller or just a big fan of using poses for nice family photos, you might have run into this issue several times before. Like me, you were probably at a loss for what was happening. I realised that this is something that frustrates a lot of pose users and hardly anyone has an answer or solution for it. I couldn’t find an answer for what was happening for a long time and had to figure out what the problem was on my own. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through the trouble I did so I’m going to explain why this issue happens and how to fix it.

The Sims 4 TUTORIAL: Fixing Group Poses Where Sims Pose in the Wrong Spot

The Problem: Even if you use the Sim Teleporter to make your Sims pose in the correct place, they still walk several feet away before posing in the wrong spot.

Cause: Celebrity Sims. If you have a celebrity Sim anywhere on the lot, all the other Sims will walk several feet away to fawn all over the celebrity before they pose, resulting in them posing in the wrong place.


1) Just don’t use poses with celebrity Sims and make sure there are no celebrities nearby when posing your Sims. Easiest solution but not exactly ideal if you like to play with celebrities.

2) Temporarily remove your Sims’ celebrity status with mods or cheats before posing, then give them back their fame once finished. A decent solution but if you use poses a lot, it can become very time consuming to do this and reset all your Sims’ fame perks every single time you want to pose them.

3) Use the TOOL mod to nudge any stray Sims back to their proper places while they’re in their pose. This is my preferred method. It does require you to know the basics of the TOOL mod but I still find it easier and faster than the other two solutions. I’m also going to link you to TwistedMexi’s tutorial that will show you exactly how to use the three features you need for this. They are all quite easy to use.

3a) First, you will need to use the TOOL mod to select your Sim as an active object, as shown at 12:19 of the tutorial.

3b) Next, you will need to nudge your Sim back into place using the gravity pull feature, as shown at 16:15 of the tutorial.

3c) Sometimes, you may need to rotate your posed Sim as well to get them back into place properly. That is covered at 3:25 of the tutorial.

The Sims 4 TUTORIAL: Fixing Group Poses Where Sims Pose in the Wrong Spot

Using those three simple features of TOOL will allow you to fix any group poses that have gone awry due to a celebrity distracting all of your Sims.

I hope this helps you pose lots of Sims together easier!

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