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The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals Kit Overview

Two new CAS kits for The Sims 4 have launched today, both showcasing different cultures from around the world. The Incheon Arrivals kit shines a spotlight on comfy casual South Korean fashion. The kit was inspired by airport fashion based out of Incheon International Airport, showing off comfy yet stylish looks that celebrities might be seen wearing when travelling to and from South Korea. The kit has both contemporary and traditional South Korean influences, from K-pop inspired looks to blends of traditional South Korean attire mixed in with more modern pieces.

The Incheon Arrivals Kit has a total of 20 clothing items for both masculine and feminine teen-elder Sims. The kit does not contain any pieces for children or toddlers.

Tops (7)

Feminine (4)

Masculine (3)

Bottoms (6)

Feminine (1)

Masculine (1)

Unisex (4)

Full-Body Outfits (4)

Feminine (2)

Masculine (2)

Shoes (3)

Feminine (1)

Unisex (2)

Styled Looks (4)

Feminine (2)

Masculine (2)

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