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The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Honeymoon Suite!

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As a storyteller, I love to build “sets” to shoot my story scenes in. Most times, I don’t need an entire building for one scene so spending days building a whole entire lot would be a waste of time. The majority of my story scenes are shot inside a room plopped down on a blank lot; to the readers, it looks convincing as a real location but behind the camera, it’s a lot of stage lights, clutter, and unfinished walls and floors, just like a real movie set.

Thanks to the ability to save and upload individual rooms to the Gallery, it’s easier than ever for me to build and share my sets with everyone. Last night, a friend of mine asked me if I could build a romantic hotel room for an unforgettable prom night for her wealthy Sims. I loved the idea and decided to start on it immediately. I’ll be showing you how I put together this ultra-romantic getaway set that you can use on its own for storytelling purposes or work into a larger build if you like.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Honeymoon Suite!

Everything starts with a box so that’s what I made. Once I had this big blocky square on one of my “movie set” lots, I had to envision how to lay things out inside. My first thought was that platforms make everything fancier. I opted to create a step leading up to where the bed would be using two sets of platforms. Then I got started putting together the bed. I knew the bed would have to make a statement because let’s be honest… it’s probably going to be the main attraction of the room, if ya get my drift. *wink wink*

I love the beds with an extra set of pillows leaning against the headboard; those are my favourite because I can embed the headboard into other objects and have the pillows look like they’re leaning against the custom headboard I put together. I also think that extra set of pillows just makes the bed look classier. I used one of those beds here and embedded it into the marble accent table from Dine Out for a sleek, built-in look. In case you’re not familiar with how to do things like this, you can place objects overlapping each other with the bb.moveobjects on cheat and holding the Alt key with an object selected will allow you to freely move the object outside of the grid lines.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Honeymoon Suite!

Once I had the bed and table placed the way I wanted, I embellished the area with lots of little details. I added some sleek side tables with romantic candles and flowers, added some romantic décor to the table I used as a headboard, and drew attention to the bed with some lovely statement art I downloaded off the Gallery. If you’re not familiar with Gallery art (or “No CC Gallery Art” as it’s sometimes called), it is custom art that other players have recreated in their games using painter Sims and oodles of patience. The resulting paintings that they upload don’t get flagged as CC so you can download these custom paintings from the Gallery to use in your builds with no hassle! The art collection I used in this build was created by FruitLoops40. Be sure to follow her on the Gallery and check out all of her art collections!

To make the art pop more and cast some romantic lighting over the bed, I used the strip wall lights from Spa Day in between the two canvases and covered up the pieces sticking out at the top with some shelving from Dream Home Decorator. Everything put together like this makes the area look very sleek and polished. For the last finishing touches, I placed the ice bucket with a bottle of wine at the end of the bed along with a red rose I got out of the debug catalogue. If you don’t know how to access the full debug catalogue, use the cheats bb.showhiddenobjects and then the cheat bb.showliveeditobjects in that order. Then type DEBUG in the search field to bring up thousands of small trinkets and world décor pieces to accent your builds. To raise objects on top of things you ordinarily couldn’t, enable the bb.moveobjects on cheat and use the 0-9 keys to lower/raise objects to the desired height.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Honeymoon Suite!

After popping in a rug of rose petals underneath the bed, I moved on to another very important part of any ultra-romantic honeymoon suite; the jacuzzi. There was a lot of empty space on one side of the bed so I decided to make a romantic jacuzzi area in that corner. I used a divider from Vintage Glamour Stuff to break up the areas between the bed and jacuzzi without making the space feel closed off and put the sleek, rounded corner tub from Get Famous in the corner, pushed up against another Dine Out accent table for some useful and aesthetically-pleasing shelving behind the tub. Behind the tub along one wall, I put in floor-to-ceiling mirrors to make that corner feel bigger and more grand. Along the other wall, I used some more of FruitLoops40‘s art with robes hanging on hooks on either side. Some finishing touches included the base game shower stool with a towel and lotion on it, the standing Get Famous towel rack, and the Snowy Escape area rug sized up once to use as a bath mat. You can resize objects by enabling the bb.moveobjects on cheat and using the [ and ] keys to make almost any object in the game bigger or smaller.

With the bed and jacuzzi now finished, it was time to put together the rest of the room. Any hotel suite needs some kind of sitting/entertainment area and what romantic getaway would be complete without a balcony to take in amazing views? I constructed shelving around a big-screen TV using a combination of Dine Out accent tables and Dream Home Decorator shelving pieces. I then customized my own spacious and luxurious seating area using Dream Home Decorator’s modular seating. On the other side of the bed, I put in the open French doors from the Industrial Loft Kit which opened out onto a small, intimate balcony. I just built this on one of my blank lots in Willow Creek but I highly recommend putting this room down on one of the penthouse lots in San Myshuno for incredible balcony views!

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Honeymoon Suite!

Near the entrance, I put a classy buffet table and drink fountain from Luxury Party Stuff, accented with more FruitLoops40 art above it. By the front door, I put in a spot to hang up coats and put away shoes and added a welcome rug along with some decorative plants.

And there you have it! A perfectly romantic couples’ getaway in the lap of luxury in classy shades of cream and gold. This build is called Honeymoon Suite and is in the Gallery under the ID SnarkyWitch! I hope this article gave you some building inspiration and I hope both you and your Sims enjoy this romantic slice of paradise in your games.

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