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Introducing our The Sims 4 Story Starter Kits!


Welcome to a new series on Sims Community; Story Starter Kits!

No, not those kits…

Think of our Story Starter Kits as a prepackaged story all ready to go. The Sim, house, and backstory have all been created for you and all you have to do is download and start playing out that story any way you like! Story Starter Kits are great for people who want a refreshing and unique playing experience they’ve never explored before but find themselves playing the same way over and over again. They can also be lots of fun for Simmers who don’t have a lot of free time to develop complex stories and create elaborate Sims and builds; they just want to get into the game and start playing right away to accommodate their busy schedules.

Introducing our The Sims 4 Story Starter Kits!

Every Story Starter Kit will include the following three components:

  • A household of anywhere between 1-8 Sims and/or pets.
  • A house for them to live in or a community lot that ties into their story.
  • A unique backstory for the Sims to inspire you and get you exploring some content you might not have delved into before.

More Info:

  • All our Story Starter Kits will be 100% CC-free and use only a limited number of DLC packs/kits (five or less, total). Some may be base game only as well. This gives everyone an opportunity to use some of our Story Starter Kits no matter what platform they play on or how big/small their pack collection is.
  • All Sims in the household will have one curated outfit in every outfit category. No ugly randomised cold weather outfits or styled looks. They are truly ready to just download and play. They will also have some likes/dislikes to give them a fleshed out personality.
  • All Sims will come with a small handful of skills but no more than 5 points in any major skill. They may sometimes have a career as well if it fits their story. Occult Sims may or may not come with some abilities already, depending on their story.
  • All builds accompanying the Sims will be playtested before being uploaded to confirm that everything is working. Our builds will make use of the bb.moveobjects on cheat and the debug menu, especially for starter builds.

Oh, and they don’t cost $5. They’re free, of course.

Our very first Story Starter Kit will be coming soon, just in time for Spooky Day! If you want to make sure you always know when new Story Starter Kits will be available, follow SnarkyWitch in the Gallery! You can also keep up to date by following Sims Community on social media!

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