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The Sims 4: “Too Many Toddlers” Scenario Starts Today!


UPDATE: SimGuruDuck has shared a statement saying that the Too Many Toddlers Scenario will be launching soon, and that it will be extended to 2 weeks!

Yesterday we reported on the 3 limited-time scenarios that are coming to The Sims 4. The Sims Team didn’t specify the exact dates of when these Scenarios will begin – up until today thanks to a report from PCGamesN.

This news site reports that The Sims 4 devs shared with them that the Too Many Toddlers Scenario will begin TODAY, and shockingly it will only last for 3 days. We’re not sure why this Scenario is being locked away again after November 6th. Either way, if you wanted to play this Scenario you should expect it to go fully live at around 10AM Pacific Time today!

The Too Many Toddlers scenario launches on November 3 and will be removed as of November 6, the devs have announced in a press release, though if you start the scenario before that end date, you’ll still be able to play it to completion after it’s removed. There are no details yet on how that scenario will play. The devs previously announced that another limited-time scenario called Perfectly Well-Rounded would come shortly after the feature’s launch.

What will the Too Many Toddlers Scenario bring? Check out in the Scenario Preview below:

The Sims 4: “Too Many Toddlers” Scenario Starts Today!

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