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The Sims 4: All Sentiments and their Effects (Packs Included)


Sentiments are temporary feelings Sims have towards each other based on experiences that those Sims have shared together, both good and bad. They make relationships feel more immersive and realistic. They give you insight into exactly how a Sim is feeling about someone in the present moment. They’re one of the best additions to the base game we’ve seen to date and we’re going to explain all the different types of sentiments and what they do.

General Info

Sentiments can be short term or long term. For example, enjoying a hike together will create a short term positive sentiment. Hikes are a nice way to bond with someone but you probably won’t remember it as much ten years down the road. However, if you catch your partner cheating on you, that is a long term negative sentiment. You aren’t likely to forget a betrayal like that for a very long time.

The Sims 4: All Sentiments and their Effects (Packs Included)

Sims will get moodlets from their sentiments when they are near that Sim.

Sentiments inform the way a Sim will feel and act around the other Sim. For example, if a Sim has the Furious About Cheating sentiment with their partner, they will get pretty powerful angry and/or sad moodlets related to the cheating every time they are around the Sim that cheated on them. They are also more likely to autonomously use Mean or Mischevious socials with that Sim and any attempts at friendly communication will fail much more often. On the flip side, a Sim with the Deeply in Love sentiment with their new spouse will have strong Happy and/or Flirty moodlets around their spouse and be more likely to use Friendly and Romantic socials with them.

There are four types of positive sentiments and four types of negative sentiments but there are many more individual sentiments within these eight types. The positive types are Adoring, Close, Enamored, and Motivating. The negative types are Guilty, Hurt, Furious, and Bitter. There are a total of 30 base game sentiments and 54 sentiments across all DLC packs for a total of 84 sentiments.

A Sim can have up to four (4) sentiments at once for a single Sim. If the Sim gains a fifth (5th) sentiment, then it will replace the weakest of the previous four (4) sentiments. Sentiments are not always mutual! A Sim may have a positive sentiment towards a Sim while the other Sim could have a negative one for the other Sim. This adds a lot of storytelling potential and can make for some interesting social situations.

List of Sentiments

Here is the list of all 84 sentiments in the game and their descriptions. Sentiments with a DLC pack abbreviation in brackets before it indicate that it is exclusive to a DLC pack.

The names and descriptions of each sentiment give you a pretty clear idea of how to trigger that sentiment in-game but keep in mind that doing an action to trigger a sentiment may not always result in your Sims gaining that sentiment. When interacting with and doing activities with other Sims, there is only a chance that they may gain sentiments towards each other. It is not guaranteed to happen 100% of the time for every sentiment.


  • SD – Spa Day
  • SE – Snowy Escape
  • DHD – Dream Home Decorator
  • CoL – Cottage Living
  • MWS – My Wedding Stories

Positive Sentiments

AdoringAdoringSim #1 just wants the best for Sim #2 and thinks they are so wonderful!
Awed by Lifesaving HeroAdoringSim #2 literally saved Sim #1 from the clutches of death. Sim #1 is grateful and amazed!
Close after a Close CallCloseSim #2 almost dying has really endeared them to Sim #1. That was a close call!
Closer after a Fun PartyCloseCelebrations can bring Sims together, literally and emotionally. The party’s over, but Sim #1 still feels its afterglow when they spends time around Sim #2.
Closer from Happy MemoriesCloseSim #1 feels close to Sim #2 from good times and happy memories.
Deeply ConnectedCloseSim #1 has a powerful bond with Sim #2 that is a source of strength and comfort.
Deeply in LoveEnamoredSome romantic moments leave a powerful impression, and Sim #1 will never forget how they fell even deeper in love with Sim #2.
Growing Closer from Quality TimeCloseSim #1 appreciates that Sim #2 makes time for them. Time spent together seems to bring them closer together.
ImpressedAdoringSim #2 sure knows what they’re doing and Sim #1 has nothing but respect.
SmittenEnamoredSim #1 can’t explain it, but they are really enamored with Sim #2 and the sight of them makes Sim #1’s heart beat faster!
Open-HeartedCloseSim #1 feels close to a recent addition to the family, Sim #2. A warm welcome!
Cooking TogetherCloseSims that cook together, stay together. Without food, we would not exist. It is food that created us. Food that connects us. Food that binds us.
Friendly AdviceMotivatingSim #1 remembers when Sim #2 listened to his/her problems and shared some thoughtful advice.
Friends in a Time of LossAdoringSim #1 has formed a bond with Sim #2 - the kind that can only come from the profound grief of death
[SE] Bonded During Epic Mountain ClimbCloseSim #1 and Sim #2 shared an incredible adventure on Mt. Komorebi that forged a powerful bond between them. Go team!
[SE] Brought Together by Hot Pot MealCloseSim #1 bonded with Sim #2 over some tasty hot pot. Nothing like a warm meal in your belly and good company to share it with!
[SE] Celebrated Together at the Festival of SnowCloseSim #1 had a blast partying in the snow with Sim #2 at the Festival of Snow! So much to celebrate, so much snow.
[SE] Close to a ConfidantCloseWhen Sim #1 became Confidants with Sim #2, their bond deepened in strength. Truly a Close-Knit friendship!
[SE] Comfortably Compatible LifestylesEnamoredSim #1 found that sharing a Lifestyle with Sim #2 only deepened the attraction that Sim #1 feels…
[SE] Deeply Enamored in a Winter WonderlandEnamoredSim #1 fell even more deeply in love with Sim #2 on the enchanting snowy slopes of Mt. Komorebi.
[SE] Enchanted from a Moment in the MountainsEnamoredSim #1’s feelings for Sim #2 really crystallized when they shared a romantic moment together, surrounded by the frozen beauty of Mt. Komorebi.
[SE] First Kiss at the Festival of LightEnamoredSim #1 and Sim #2 shared a first kiss at the Festival of Light, and the sparks of romance are still burning bright.
[SE] Fun at the Festival of YouthCloseSim #1 celebrated at the Festival of Youth, and they will treasure that memory with Sim #2.
[SE] Fun in the SnowCloseA little fun in the snow is a reminder of the simple joys in life. Sim #1 wouldn’t mind playing in the snow with Sim #2 again sometime!
[SE] Made a Wish Together at the Festival of LightCloseSim #1 and Sim #2 shared their hopes and dreams while making a wish together at the Festival of Light.
[SE] Mountain Mastery InspirationMotivatingSim #1 admires Sim #2’s skill on the mountain! With that kind of role model to motivate Sim #1, they might learn skills faster while Sim #2 is around.
[SE] No Mountain High Enough for This LoveEnamoredSim #1 should have been more careful while climbing Mt. Komorebi, because now they have fallen deeply in love! Where Sim #2 goes, Sim #1 wants to go, too, and no mountain can get in the way of their love.
[SE] Played Together at the Festival of SnowCloseSim #1 has joyful memories of frozen fun with Sim #2 at the Festival of Snow. That memorable experience will keep Sim #1 feeling warmly towards Sim #2 for a while!
[SE] Snowy Vacation MemoriesCloseSim #1 has such fond memories of frolicking in the snow with Sim #2 on vacation. Truly a memorable trip that has made them closer than before!
[SE] Unity in HikingCloseThrough thick and thin, Sim #1 has grown a new fondness for Sim #2 with the memories they have made.
[SE] Opposite AttractedEnamoredOpposites attract! Sim #1 has romantic feelings for Sim #2, even though they are very different Sims.
[SE] Warmhearted from Relaxing TogetherCloseSim #1 had a real heart-to-heart moment with Sim #2 while relaxing in the water together. Heating up the body can help a Sim warm up to people!
[DHD] Happy with Decorator HomeAdoringSim #1 sure knows what she/he is doing when it comes to interior decorating! The remodeling job that she/he did for Sim #2 was outstanding.
[CoL] A Jamtastic GiftCloseSim #1 remembers fondly of receiving a gift from Sim #2. She/He was en-canned!
[CoL] Closer from Henford Heart-to-HeartCloseSim #1 feels close with Sim #2 after the two shared a Henford heart-to-heart.
[CoL] Picnic BondingCloseSim #1 had a lovely picnic with Sim #2. Good food in nature can bring everyone together!
[CoL] Partner in CrimeCloseSim #1 feels close with Sim #2 after the two conspired to rig a Finchwick Fair competition.
[CoL] Close from Helping OutCloseSim #1 feels closer to Sim #2 after running a village errand for him/her.
[CoL] Romance in the RuinsEnamoredWas it the rolling hills? The murmur of nearby River Bagley? Whatever it was, the kiss that Sim #1 shared with Sim #2 in the Isle of Volpe ruins burns brightly in his/her heart.
[CoL] You are my jam!EnamoredSo many feelings can fit in a small jar, giving it to Sim #2 makes Sim #1's heart flutter.
[MWS] Chosen to be Sim of HonourAdoringIt's an honour to be selected a Sim of Honour for Sim #2's wedding.
[MWS] Dancing Close Now and ForeverEnamoredThe first time you dance with your spouse is a truly romantic occasion!
[MWS] Gave a Good Wedding SpeechAdoringSim #1 totally nailed the speech at Sim #2's wedding. Couldn't be happier!
[MWS] Teatime with FriendsCloseSim #1 served some tea to Sim #2, and now their friendship seems closer than ever!

Negative Sentiments

Ashamed of a Terrible PartyGuiltySim #1 cannot believe how badly that party went. They worry that Sim #2 must think Sim #1 is no fun and that Sim #2 probably never wants to hang out again…
Awkward after a Bad DateGuiltyThat date was excruciatingly bad. Not Sim #1’s best moment. Cue cringeworthy memories whenever Sim #1 sees Sim #2…
Betrayed by CheatingBitterHas soured Sim #1’s feelings for Sim #2. Sim #1 may find that being around Sim #2 brings back bad memories about what happened.
Bitter about BreakupBitterSim #1 can’t quite shake some resentment towards Sim #2 about how their romantic relationship ended. Sim #1 might find it unpleasant to be around Sim #2 for a while.
Deeply WoundedHurtSome wounds take a long, long time to heal. Being around Sim #2 brings up painful memories for Sim #1.
Dejected about RejectionHurtSim #1 doesn’t necessarily blame Sim #2 for turning them down, but it still sometimes feels bad to be around Sim #2.
Festering GrudgeBitterSim #1 has a deep-seated grudge against Sim #2. It’s hard to forget or forgive the past, which may make being around Sim #2 feel very unpleasant for Sim #1.
FuriousFuriousJust the sight of Sim #2 gets on Sim #1’s nerves these days. Like, how dare Sim #2 show their face!
Furious about CheatingFuriousSim #1 cannot BELIEVE Sim #2 would do this to their relationship! Just the sight of them will remind Sim #1 that Sim #2 betrayed their trust and cheated on them.
Grudging after a FightBitterSim #1 and Sim #2 have some unfinished business. This conflict is unresolved and tensions are high, at least from Sim #1’s perspective.
GuiltyGuiltySim #1 feels bad about something that happened with Sim #2 but doesn’t know how to make it right.
HeartbrokenHurtLove hurts, as Sim #1 is reminded of when they think about Sim #2.
HurtHurtSim #1 feels wronged by Sim #2, and being around Sim #2 will remind Sim #1 of that pain.
Infuriated about Cancelled WeddingFuriousHow dare Sim #2 humiliate Sim #1 in front of everyone at their wedding! Sim #1 may have a hard time keeping calm around Sim #2 for a while.
Resentful about DivorceBitterSim #1 has some resentment leftover from their divorce. Sim #1 may not enjoy being around Sim #2.
SaddenedHurtIt’s disappointing to see a rift in this once-strong relationship. Sim #1 wishes things were different, and they wonder if Sim #2 feels the same way.
[SD] Bitter About YogaBitterJust because Sim #2 can balance on one leg doesn’t mean they have to be such a show off!
[SE] Ashamed about a Terrible Mountain ClimbGuiltySim #1 led Sim #2 on an attempt to climb Mt. Komorebi, but it was a total failure and Sim #1 was not the leader they thought they were. So close to the summit, yet so very far.
[SE] Bitter About a Terrible Mountain ClimbBitterTo come so far only to have to turn back! Sim #1’s trust in Sim #2 has been shaken, and they blame Sim #2 for that dangerous excursion that ended in disappointment and frustration.
[SE] Bitter About HikingBitterNever going to trust the hiking judgment of Sim #2 again after a terrible hiking experience.
[SE] Didn’t Receive Blessing at Festival of YouthHurtSim #1 did not receive a blessing during the Festival of Youth, and it still stings. All the other kids got blessed! Or so Sim #1 thinks, anyway.
[SE] Disrespected at the Festival of LightFuriousSim #1 is enraged that Sim #2 would go around flirting with other Sims at the Festival of Light, for all the world to see.
[SE] Failed at FriendshipGuiltySim #1 values keeping their friends close, but their friendship with Sim #2 has frayed and unraveled.
[SE] Neglected by a WorkaholicBitterSim #1 blames Sim #2 for always putting work first and letting their relationship deteriorate.
[SE] Resentful about a Failed Mountain ClimbBitterWhen Sim #2 led an excursion to climb Mt. Komorebi, Sim #1 had high expectations. their hopes were crushed and the summit remained out of reach, alas!
[SE] Personal RiftHurtSim #1 is a People Person, so the decline of their friendship with Sim #2 is especially painful! It’s hard not to take it personally…
[DHD] Furious over a Interior Decoration Gig gone badFuriousSim #2 came in and destroyed Sim #1's home! Sim #1 may have a hard time keeping calm around Sim #2 for a while.
[CoL] Bitter after ScoldingBitterSim #1 is still bitter over the scolding he/she got from Sim #2.
[CoL] You're The Animal!BitterSim #1 can't believe that Sim #2 would trade away their beloved animal. What could possibly make Sim #2 think that was okay?
[CoL] Bitter about Failed Bribe!BitterSim #1 is still bitter about Sim #2 not accepting his/her bribe for that Finchwick Fair competition.
[CoL] Guilty about Failed Bribe!GuiltySim #1 is still feeling guilty about trying to bribe Sim #2 for that Finchwick Fair competition.
[CoL] Not An Animal, A FriendHurtSim #1 misses their animal friend, a friend that would still be here if Sim #2 hadn't traded it away.
[MWS] Got into a Fight at MY WEDDING!FuriousOn the best day of my life, Sim #2 chose violence.
[MWS] Kicked Out of Wedding PartyFuriousSim #1 kicked Sim #2 out of a wedding event. What nerve!
[MWS] Not Selected as Sim of HonourBitterSim #1 is bitter about Sim #2 not selecting him/her. That stings!
[MWS] Romantically Inappropriate at MY WEDDING!FuriousSim #1 is angry that Sim #2 tried to romantically upstage him/her at his/her Wedding. Not cool.
[MWS] Wasn't Invited to the Wedding!BitterSim #2 asked Sim #1 to come to their Wedding, but was never properly invited! The nerve!
[MWS] You Ate Cake Early!FuriousSim #2 tried to grab a piece of cake early at my wedding! UNACCEPTABLE!
[MWS] You Died at MY WEDDING!FuriousCouldn't you just wait a little longer before kicking the can? This day was supposed to be about me!
[MWS] You Interrupted the Wedding Ceremony!FuriousIn case you didn't get the memo Sim #2, that was supposed to be a Wedding!

Table Info Credit: The Sims Wiki

Other Notes and Observations

The Sims 4: All Sentiments and their Effects (Packs Included)

We can see Lily is furious that her now ex-husband cheated on her.

As stated above, you can get a pretty good idea of how to trigger most of the sentiments by reading the sentiment names and descriptions. For sentiments that are more vague, they can usually be triggered through general conversation. For example, the Closer From Happy Memories sentiment pops up quite frequently while having a pleasant conversation with another Sim. I’ve even gotten this sentiment immediately upon giving a friendly introduction to a new Sim. It’s probably the most common sentiment that pops up during gameplay because almost any friendly or funny exchange between Sims can trigger it.

The Sims 4: All Sentiments and their Effects (Packs Included)

Lily can’t stand to be around her ex-husband’s new wife, the woman he cheated on her with.

Other more specific sentiments, like Awed by Lifesaving Hero and Close After a Close Call, require more specific actions. These sentiments can only be triggered by saving a Sim from death. I have received these sentiments on two separate occasions; once was when a Sim was on fire and another Sim extinguished them. The other time, a Sim drowned in the pool and the other Sim used a death flower to convince the Grim Reaper to spare their life. When you save a Sim from death, the Sim who was saved will receive the Awed by Lifesaving Hero sentiment. The other Sim will get the Close After a Close Call sentiment.

The Sims 4: All Sentiments and their Effects (Packs Included)

I used the UI Cheats mod to make Lily furious with Victor’s new wife since I thought that was pretty appropriate.

Again, it’s important to remember that not all sentiments are guaranteed to trigger 100% of the time. In my experience, the “big” sentiments like Deeply in Love after a wedding or Awed by Lifesaving Hero after being saved from death will always trigger but the smaller, less important sentiments like Closer From Happy Memories may not. The smaller sentiments gained through random conversation only have a chance of triggering, while the big sentiments from important life events will almost always trigger when those events occur. The game places more emphasis and importance on large milestones in Sims’ lives, which makes sense. If you just got divorced, you aren’t going to care very much about a funny joke someone just told you because you’re sad about something much bigger.

If you’re a PC player and a savvy mod user, you may be interested in the UI Cheats Extension mod by weerbesu to give you more control over sentiments. The Mod has just recently been updated with new functionality that allows you to attribute (and remove) any Sentiment in the game. You can right-click the Sentiments panel in a Sim’s info page to assign or remove any sentiment you want between those two Sims. This can be very handy for storytelling purposes.

The Sims 4: All Sentiments and their Effects (Packs Included)

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