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Creator Spotlight: Aretha


If you follow our content regularly, you may notice there is one Sim who I often use with a custom hairstyle. I’m always being asked about who the creator is. Well it is none other than Aretha! I absolutely love Aretha’s creations and use them throughout my game now!

I first discovered Aretha when I first started getting back into Custom Content, and it was the So Casual collection that caught my attention. From there, I started exploring more and more creations and collaborations from Aretha.

Creator Spotlight: Aretha

Aretha’s custom content covers a vast number of different styles, of which are Maxis Match and work brilliantly with in game items and other pieces of custom content.

The Secret Society Collection is the most recent release from Aretha and is in collaboration with Quirky Introvert CC. It has a mysterious feel to it and is full of a variety of different Create A Sim items that I know will work amazingly not only in my game but also many other Simmer’s games too!

Creator Spotlight: Aretha

Of course, I can’t forget to mention Aretha’s other collaborations, like the IDORU collection with Serneity or the Midnight Collection featuring Aladdin. Both of these collaborations are excellent custom content packs as well.

Not only are the custom content collaboration packs brilliant, Aretha has a number of sets that are worth taking a look at including the Sunbeam Set, Feels Like SummerPretty Savage and Wildflowers packs. There really is something for everyone!

You can find all of Aretha’s custom content creations here.

You can find and follow Aretha using the links below!


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