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The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit: Official Announcement & Assets

The Sims Team has shared with us first information about their upcoming Kit for The Sims 4 – the Modern Menswear Kit!

Down below you’ll see the official description, key features, and official assets. This Create A Sim Kit focuses solely on adult Masculine Fashion and is set to release December 2nd, 2021 on PC, Mac and Consoles worldwide!

Check out what this Kit has to offer:

Revolutionize the classics with The Sims™ 4 Modern Menswear Kit*, featuring a thought-provoking, accessible collection designed by Stefan Cooke. Reimagined shapes redefine traditionally masculine fashions, while textiles and patterns elevate each unique piece for today’s style.

Get into the Details

Update your Sim’s closet with trendy wardrobe staples. Fluid shapes add intrigue to any outfit, while zippers, cutouts, and pleats lend everyday outfits a touch of the contemporary.

Experiment with Style

Refined and subversive, these looks reinvigorate the basics. Play with scalloped or pleated skirts and latticed sweaters, or pair a polished shirtdress with iconic loafers to model up-and-coming culture.

Official Screens

Official Boxart

Official Logo

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