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The Sims 4: Villainous Valentine & Neighbourhood Confidante Overview

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The November 30th, 2021 update introduced us to the start of Neighbourhood Stories in The Sims 4. As part of the update, two new aspirations were added to the Base Game for your Sims to complete.

Villainous Valentine

“This Sim Wants to destroy the love lives of all Sims, including their own!”

The first of the two new aspirations is Villainous Valentine. This aspiration sits under the Deviance category and comes with one milestone with several goals.

  • Get Caught Cheating x 10
  • Achieve “Ex” Status With Other Sims x 5
  • Break Up Couples x 10

Once you have completed this aspiration, your Sim will be given the Twisted Heart Reward Trait.

Twisted Heart: If you could see this Sim’s heart, you might recoil in disgust. But <Sim Name> would never let you see it, and that suits them just fine. <Sim Name> gains bonus Social from Mean and Mischief socials, while shrugging off Sad and Embarrassed Moods much faster than other Sims.

The Sims 4: Villainous Valentine & Neighbourhood Confidante Overview

Neighbourhood Confidante

“This Sim wants to provide all manner of advice, to be a positive influence in the lives of their neighbours.”

The second aspiration to be added is the Neighbourhood Confidante. You can find this aspiration under the Popularity category and, again, comes with one overall milestone with several goals to complete.

  • Successfully advise and influence the lives of other Sims! x 20
  • Become Good Friends with 5 Sims x 5
  • Achieve Level 7 Charisma Skill x 7

Upon completing the Neighbourhood Confidante aspiration, your Sim will be rewarded with the Confidante Reward Trait.

Confidante: Confidantes are able to easily avoid boring conversations and are more successful in getting to know others.

The Sims 4: Villainous Valentine & Neighbourhood Confidante Overview

Whether you want to be the neighbour known for giving great advice or maybe causing chaos, this is just the start of many new stories from your neighbourhood. Both of the new Aspirations give players a chance to explore a variety of different social interactions from either the Social Menu, Phone or in-game pop-ups.  The Reward Traits that you can obtain for completing the aspirations will definitely help you get to know your neighbours more than before by jumping into deeper conversations and build relationships in ways than you’ve been able to previously.

While the Villainous Valentine & Neighbourhood Confidante Aspirations are a great way to start exploring the new Neighbourhood Stories, we are looking forward to seeing how this feature develops going forward and if we will see more aspirations added in the future.

Find out more about Neighbourhood Stories here.

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