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The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit Overview

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Today, The Sims 4 added to its rapidly growing collection of bite-sized portions of DLC called kits. This kit is called the Modern Menswear Kit. It’s a collection of 23 CAS pieces for adult masculine Sims that challenge gender boundaries, inspired by London fashion designer, Stefan Cooke.

The kit does not come with any accessories or any CAS pieces for feminine Sims. It also does not contain any pieces for young Sims. All the pieces are for teen-elder Sims.

Tops (10)

Bottoms (6)

Full Body Outfits (5)

Shoes (2)

Styled Looks (4)


And that’s everything in the Modern Menswear Kit! It’s available now worldwide on all platforms and costs $4.99 USD.

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