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The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Dining Room for Hanukkah!

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I just love the holiday season. So many different religions and cultures have beautiful traditions to celebrate the shortest days of the year and I love them all. Last week, we built a cute little Christmas cottage. This week, we thought a cozy room build honouring the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah would be a lovely way to send off this heartwarming holiday. Hanukkah ends on December 6th this year but that doesn’t mean the joy and spirit of Hanukkah has to!

We’ve built a dining room honouring the traditions of Hanukkah! Let’s check it out!

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Dining Room for Hanukkah!

Blue and white are the traditional colours of Hanukkah which is a beautiful combination no matter the occasion so we really stuck with that colour scheme wherever we could. A long dining table with a blue plaid tablecloth and silver garlands acts as the centerpiece of the room, topped with blue and white candles and a silver tea set.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Dining Room for Hanukkah!

However, the front window is where the heart of Hanukkah is. The menorah stands proudly in the centre of the window with Hanukkah cards and family photos lovingly arranged nearby. More Hanukkah cards from friends and family are strung up in the window above the menorah. During Hanukkah, small gifts are exchanged during each night of the eight day celebration so a small pile of gifts sits next the menorah in the corner of the room, waiting to be distributed and opened.

Around the rest of the room, blue and white winter décor is paired with Hanukkah streamers featuring dreidels; a four-sided spinning top that’s a popular game to play during Hanukkah.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Dining Room for Hanukkah!

We chose a dining room to honour Hanukkah traditions because food is really where people of many different walks of life come together as a family to bond and create cherished memories together over a delicious meal. While the meal itself may be different around the world, the sense of community and togetherness around the dinner table is something that ties us all together. The weekly Jewish tradition of a Shabbat family dinner embodies this kind of community and togetherness. We thought it’d be perfect to tie into a room honouring Hanukkah.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Dining Room for Hanukkah!

Other touches of seasonal winter décor include a snowflake ceiling lamp with blue ribbons strung from it and a small corner table with a blue and white snowflake pattern, topped with a beautiful glass snowflake sculpture. The underlying theme of snowflakes remind us that while this time of year may be cold and dark, there is always light to be found in the darkness.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build a Dining Room for Hanukkah!

We hope this Hanukkah dining room fills you with both joy and inspiration this holiday season! This build has no custom content and uses only the base game, Seasons, and the free holiday collection that downloads with the base game.

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Happy Hanukkah!

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