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The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

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A little while ago, Arnie, a modder for The Sims 4, released his Plumfruit mod. The mod was a revamp of the existing cell phone in the game and had some new features as well. The original mod was already quite impressive but he’s revamped it, adding more functional objects, more apps, and more ways to enjoy a high-tech lifestyle in The Sims 4.

So let’s go over everything in the latest version of the Plumfruit Mod Pack by Arnie!

The Mod Pack is currently in Early Access. Public Release is set for Christmas, around December 25th, 2021! You can find more on Arnie’s Patreon linked below. We’ll make sure to update this post as soon as the mod goes public!

Plumfruit 2 Early Access

Object Overview

The Plumfruit Mod Pack comes with 20 objects as part of the mod as well as 1 masculine shirt in CAS for a total of 21 items. Some items are revamped versions of existing items in the game; other items are completely new things we didn’t previously have at all in the game. You can check them all out in the catalogue previews below.

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

Masculine Shirt

Since some of the items don’t have catalogue preview images showing the item itself, we’ve also included in-game pictures of each item that comes with the mod pack. The captions correspond with their respective catalogue names so you can find everything easily in the BB catalogue in-game.

NOTE: Previous versions of some objects from version one of the Plumfruit mod are now hidden in the debug menu but they are still functional if you still prefer to use those ones over the new versions.

Getting Started

To start playing with the Plumfruit mod, first install the mod from Arnie’s Patreon. The current version is in early access for patrons right now but should be released to the public later this month. You can choose to install the light or dark versions (much like using the light or dark version of your favourite phone apps, for example). Make sure you only install one version! You can’t have both the light and dark versions installed at the same time. The mod itself is base-game compatible but some objects and features require packs. To have access to all features of the mod, you will need Get To Work, Get Famous, Movie Hangout Stuff, and Fitness Stuff.

If you need help with installing mods, check out our article Getting Started with Mods and CC.

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

When you load up the game, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that your phone looks completely different! It has a new shinier interface resembling a real-life smart phone. All of the functions your phone would normally have are still there but there are some new options, too. The first icon is now a Plumfruit icon with the option to Open Apps Menu. This option gives you easy access to all of the Plumfruit apps in one place. Some apps are revamps of existing game functions; others are brand new apps that add new gameplay! We’ll go into each app in more detail in the next section.

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

If you only have the standard Plumphone (the default replacement for the in-game cell phone), you won’t have access to all the apps. Some apps require you to purchase another device like the Plumphone Pro or one of the PlumPads in order to access them. You’ll also need to have some photos in your Sim’s inventory to access the Photo Gallery app. You can take photos using the Plumaroid Camera that comes with the mod pack or any of the base game cameras.

Purchase any of the new Plumfruit mod pack devices to start using all the new apps and features!

Object Functionality

Some objects have special functions or new features added to them which we’ll go over here.

Display Tables

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

These long tables can display all your Plumfruit electronics which is useful for running an electronics retail store with Get To Work.

Plumfruit Hologram Store

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

Place these on any lot to allow Sims to purchase any Plumfruit product they like in a variety of fun colours. Great for electronics stores.

Plumphone Pro

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

The Plumphone Pro is an upgrade from the standard Plumphone that replaces the existing cell phone. It will allow you to access any apps that are not usable with the standard Plumphone your Sims already have.

PlumPad Mini & PlumPad Pro

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

These tablets come in many colours and two different sizes. Like the Plumphone Pro, they will allow you to access all the apps not available on the standard Plumphone. You can also import your own photos to use as the wallpaper so they will display your favourite photo instead of just a black screen when not in use.

PlumMac, PlumMac Pro, and PlumBook Pro

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

All of these computers have all the same functions as your regular base game desktop or laptop but they are organised into the mod pack’s new app system, making a lot of functions much easier to find. In addition to all the normal functions of a computer, they can also access the new Plumfruit apps and display custom photos as wallpaper backgrounds like the PlumPads.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

The flat screen, wall mounted PlumTV is everything a regular TV is and more! It’s a smart TV that can import your custom photos as a wallpaper and all your favourite TV channels and movies are now under Simflix and PlumTV+ channels. Simflix requires the Movie Hangout Stuff pack.

PlumPod Mini and PlumPod Pro

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

The PlumPods are new and improved versions of the existing Lin-Z personal assistant in the game. You can still use them as if they were a Lin-Z device but you can also set the thermostat, light settings, order services, and more.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

The PlumMirror is probably my favourite new object in this mod pack. It’s a smart mirror! You can use it as a regular mirror but it can also adjust the temperature in the home for you, turn your lights on and off, play music, call for services, and it’s also fully synced with Lin-Z.

Plumaverse VR Headset

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

This spiffy gadget is a reimagined version of the virtual reality gaming set in the base game. Not only does it look way cooler, but your Sims can also explore Simstagram AR in addition to playing all their favourite games while wearing a slick-looking VR headset.

Pro Media Station

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

This sleek media station comes with multiple wall-mounted screens and lets your Sims record, edit, upload, and promote their SimTube videos just like the regular video station but this video station also comes with new video editing software called PlumCut Pro. This will allow your Sims to practice video editing to build the Media Production skill. No more ruining perfectly good videos while in the process of skill building! This object requires the Get Famous expansion pack.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

These airbuds are a minor revamp of the earbuds from Fitness Stuff. They now come with their own little carry case and are integrated into the Plumfruit app system. This object requires the Fitness Stuff pack.

Plumaroid Camera

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

This is a cute retro looking camera with modern capabilities and has all the functions and features of the existing cameras in-game.


We’ve now covered all the new objects in the game and the general idea of the mod in-depth but to really understand the Plumfruit mod pack, you need to understand the new app system. The apps are the bread and butter of this mod and it’s where the biggest portion of gameplay is. Arnie has overhauled all of the existing functions of our electronics and reorganized them into apps with their own logos and catchy names. This makes finding all of the existing functions of our electronics much easier but that’s not all. Arnie has also enhanced some apps with new features and even created entirely new apps that add completely new gameplay.

While all the individual devices will have these apps (and some other features) available on them directly, we found it was easiest to use the phone’s Open Apps Menu option to quickly access everything, instead. We could select our devices from here so it was pretty handy for finding what we needed faster.

Here’s a full breakdown of each app below:


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

The Telephone app is a much easier way to make phone calls. Anyone and everyone you’d want to call is now in one place. Call for services or call contacts of Sims your Sim has met all from the same menu. If your Sim doesn’t know any other Sims, the Call Contacts option will be greyed out so go out and make some friends!


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

A sleeker menu for your camera is here, too! All the functionality of your phone’s camera but a little easier to access from the apps menu now. Also comes with a spiffy new interface.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

Tired of having to click through your relationship panel to find a Sim to send a text to? Yeah. Me too. That issue is no more with the Messages app. It’s right there and easy to access on your new Plumphone or any other Plumfruit device and will allow you to send different types of messages to anyone your Sim has met. It makes texting a lot easier.

Photo Library

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

You won’t see this option available unless you have some photos in your inventory but once you do, you’ll be able to browse them all here. Very handy for sorting through all the photos you have instead of tediously clicking through all those stacks in your inventory. You can also upload photos to Simstagram from here and delete any photos you don’t need.

Game Arcade

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

You’ll need a Pro device to be able to access this app so purchase a Plumphone Pro or a PlumPad to start mobile gaming! Select the device you want to play on and then select your game of choice!


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

The Maps app handles all of your travel needs. Book a vacation, travel to another lot, or move to a new home. You can also visit the secret Get To Work lots using the Maps app… if you have the Get To Work expansion pack.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

Book lovers will get a lot of use out of this app. It also requires another device to enjoy so make sure to purchase one. Select the device you’d like to read your e-books on and then select from some books available in the e-books store. Sims can learn new skills by reading skill books or enjoy the riveting Henry Puffer series.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

This is probably my favourite new app that comes with this mod. It’s an online dating service that will allow your Sims to meet up with just about anyone. It has a great interface and feels very immersive, like a real online dating experience.

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

To get started with online dating through Luv’2’Meet, select the app from the app menu and then select your device you’d like to access the app on. You can change your online dating profile picture here and choose whether you want to browse male or female profiles. Make your selection and you’ll be able to browse through every young adult Sim of your chosen gender in the game. When you find someone you like, click them to match with them!

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

When you’ve matched with someone, you’ll be able to communicate with them through the app. Send them messages and funny GIFs to start building up a relationship with them. When we sent Johnny Zest a funny GIF through the Luv’2’Meet app, he loved it so much, he actually messaged us asking to meet up at the park!

Luv’2’Meet is a really fun way for Sims to meet new love interests online.


The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

Of course, Simstagram already existed in the game but Arnie has really beefed it up into a more immersive social platform for Sims. To start using Simstagram, select it from the app list on any Plumfruit device and upload your first picture. Once you’ve posted at least one photo to Simstagram, you’ll be able to check up on your Simstagram profile and see your images, followers, and any comments townies have left on your profile. Click any of your uploaded photos to add and edit captions, leave comments, add filters and more!

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

You can also connect with other Sims using the Simstagram app. You can connect with nearby Sims on the same lot as you by interacting with their Simstagram profiles. There is also a feature that allows you to interact with the profiles of far away Sims but Arnie says this feature is experimental for the moment and may undergo developments and changes as time goes on. You can DM Sims that your Sim has met through Simstagram, too!

And if you were wondering whether Sims can gain fame from using Arnie’s version of Simstagram… yes, they absolutely can! Posting Simstagram pictures and stories builds fame for players with Get Famous installed the same way it does with the in-game Simstagram feature.

Purchase Plumfruit Devices

The Sims 4: Walkthrough of the Plumfruit Mod Pack

If you don’t want to scroll through the BB catalogue or visit a retail store to purchase your Plumfruit products, you can conveniently do it from your phone, instead! Select this from the app list and pick out any products you like in your preferred colours! That’s all there is to it! Well, you need to have the simoleons on hand to pay for your items, of course.

Our Thoughts

So what are our final thoughts after exploring the new and improved version of the Plumfruit Mod Pack by Arnie? We’re pretty impressed! We love that all the items are very sleek and modern but still Maxis Match. Any mod pack that adds 100% Maxis Match items is always a huge thumbs up from us. A lot of the new Plumfruit items have the same functionality as existing gadgets but the way they’re organised into this new app system made it a lot easier and more intuitive to find the features we were looking for. I used to spend several minutes clicking through menus upon submenus of text that all blurred together on computers trying to find what I needed. The new app names and colourful icons Arnie added are very eye-catching and allowed me to find what I needed quickly. A simple design change can really make a huge difference in the user experience.

But of course, this mod is much more than a simple design change. We were thrilled with the new and improved Simstagram and the Luv’2’Meet dating app. It really felt a lot like using one of those apps in real life. It was fun and immersive and made it easier than ever to meet new Sims and build meaningful relationships. All of the new smart devices are great as well. They look amazing and they add heaps of functionality and choice for our Sims. It was really fun playing around with all the new gadgets.

The only thing I would suggest to improve the mod further would be to add more books to the E-Books app. As a bookworm myself, I probably wouldn’t want to read the same handful of skill books and one children’s fantasy series for the rest of my life. It would be awesome if we could add books that we’ve purchased to our E-Book library and have them on-hand wherever we are.

Otherwise, this mod is top-notch. If you’re a tech junkie or just looking for new ways for Sims to connect in the digital age, you should definitely add this mod to your collection. I know I’ll be keeping it in my game!

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