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New Year Resolutions: The Sims Edition

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Now that I had a bit of spare time before returning to work after the festive season, I decided to spend some time actually playing The Sims 4. Usually you’ll find me hopping in and out of the game, checking out this feature or building something this, instead of actually just playing my personal save.

With it being a new year, I decided to do a little of spring-cleaning on my end.  I cleared my Cache files, backed up my saves & screenshots, tidied up my mods folder and also updated a few of my mods that were long overdue an update. I know, I know! I’m terrible at keeping things up to date sometimes.

After my little spring-cleaning moment, I took a quick look at some custom content I wanted to add into my game and finally jumped into my save.

New Year Resolutions: The Sims Edition

Honestly, it has been far too long since I last played this save. I had been playing with the Pancakes household in another save where I had been testing out a few different mods and not really doing too much else. Currently, my Sim is living in an apartment in San Myshuno and is working her way through the Critic career, while this is fun for the most part there’s part of me who wants to see more of a challenge in my own gameplay and just change things up a bit.

As I was playing through, it got me thinking about what I wanted to do with this save. Essentially, this was just a single Sim save with not much else going on. Did I want to maybe start a challenge or a legacy with this Sim? Possibly use this Sim to tell a story or try and complete all the in game achievements or aspirations. There were quite a few possibilities.

The more I thought about it, the more I was heading towards setting some kind of The Sims themed resolutions for this year. The aim would be encouraged me to keep playing my personal save on a much more regular basis.

Gameplay Ideas

  • Start a Legacy Challenge and actually stick with it
  • Start the Not So Berry Challenge
  • Complete all Skills and Aspirations as well as earning all Reward Traits
  • Complete a gameplay challenge
  • Explore new story ideas
  • Revisit features in the game that I usually don’t use – Careers I tend to not play, for example.


  • Explore different styles of building
  • Push myself to build out of my comfort zone
  • Renovate one of the worlds


  • Discover more custom content and mod creators
  • I’ve always enjoyed sharing what I’ve been up to in my game. Whether that is a Sim I’ve created, something I’m building, general gameplay or something funny that has happened. The only thing is, I’m not good at doing it on a regular basis. So for this year I want to regularly share what is happening in my game either on  my Tumblr.

New Year Resolutions: The Sims Edition

While these may seem like things that are pretty straightforward and very generalized, I’m actually excited at starting to work through these resolutions. They will always be there with the aim of having fun and exploring a variety of different things within The Sims 4.

What are your plans for your game this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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