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The Sims 4: Encanto Community Showcase


There is no denying the Disney’s latest animated movie, Encanto is everywhere! Even if you haven’t watched it, you have probably seen someone talk about it, posts online or possibly heard snippets of the incredibly catchy songs! After recently watching the movie myself, I can see why everyone loves it and why many players have been inspired to create content in The Sims 4 based around the movie!

Here is a selection of Encanto inspired content from the community!

Inspired by the promotional posters for Encanto, PlumbobKingdom has recreated a beautiful fully furnished versions of Casa Madrigal!

The Sims 4: Encanto Community Showcase


Click here to view on The Gallery

Another fabulous recreation of the Madrigal’s home comes from PlaySimsWithDee! Not only have they created this beautiful shell of the Madrigal’s home that you can furnish, they has also created a number of the characters from the movie too!


You can find all of PlaySimsWithDee’s creations on The Gallery here.

While we might not talk about Bruno, you can also find him on The Gallery!

Don’t see your favourite character here? Don’t worry! You’ll find all of your favourite characters from Encanto on The Gallery.

While many players have been uploading their creations to The Gallery, many were also sharing their creations on social media.

Are you looking for some Encanto inspired gameplay instead? Why not take a look at these gameplay challenges!

Have you created either the characters from Encanto or even the Madrigal’s home from the movie? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media.

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