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New Look into The Sims 4’s Next Sims Delivery


Durags and Bonnets coming to CAS!

Recently The Sims Team has confirmed that the upcoming Sims Delivery Express coming to The Sims 4 is set for February 9th, 2022.

Beside the 6 new recipes inspired by East Asian cuisine, there’s also a collaboration with a Custom Content creator – ComplexSims!

The new Sims Delivery will bring 3 unique pieces into Create A Sim including new robes. We only saw a glimpse of what the robes will look like from the Concept Art below:

New Look into The Sims 4’s Next Sims Delivery

In today’s latest Blog Post interview with ComplexSims, the team revealed a new screenshot of the upcoming CAS assets, including the robes, durags and bonnets all coming to CAS next week!

Check out the preview below:

Why are a bonnet, a durag and a unisex robe important items for your collaboration?  

These items are very useful to my community and are incorporated into our daily routine. They offer multiple advantages in terms of comfort and preservation. I’ve used every one of these items in my everyday life at some point. These items being integrated into the base game will allow a lot of the core fans to feel seen and represented. If you have these items when you need them, they’re pretty much an insurance policy against looking a mess when you wake up! You’ve seen them everywhere, from the corner store, to the airport, even the runway. These items will keep you on lock and in tact wherever you go.

I think they’re important to expand the possibilities for players who like to accommodate Sims of diverse backgrounds. It will also allow some players more representation because they fit into their everyday lives.

Why did you select these colors and prints?

I selected the specific patterns that I did because I wear and have worn some of these items myself. I have quite a few and chose them based on what I currently have. I would say that my favorite pattern was the kente inspired one. All the colors really represented the cultural pattern very well.

New Look into The Sims 4’s Next Sims Delivery

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