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Iconic Objects through The Sims Series


With the 22nd birthday of The Sims series coming up this February 4th, we’re taking a look back at some of the most iconic objects in the game that have made The Sims, well… The Sims! Objects that both young and old players alike will no doubt have fond memories of and that shaped the way they played The Sims… or were just super weird and funny. That’s cool, too.

With thousands upon thousands of objects across all four main titles alone, it would have been impossible to narrow things down without some criteria. We decided to focus on objects that have made an appearance in at least 3 out of the 4 main titles. The object could not be a basic generalization, like any old chair or any old shower. It had to be a specific object with some kind of unique function or significance. And finally, it had to be a tangible object, not a concept or a character.

So here are 10 of The Sims series’ most iconic objects throughout the years!

Hot Tub

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series

The hot tub! It’s been around since the dawn of Sims! Many a Sims baby has been conceived underneath its steamy waters. It’s where friendships are made and new romances begin. Throughout the years, the hot tub has been a focal point of socialization and relationships for Sims. I remember back in The Sims 1 days, if I wanted to make sure I threw an awesome party all my guests would rave about, all I had to do was make sure there was a hot tub to enjoy. Instant roof raiser, oh yeah!


Iconic Objects through The Sims Series
What would The Sims series be without these utterly pointless yet delightful little lawn ornaments? Back in the early days when Sims had an Environment motive you had to look after, plopping a few of these friendly little fellas in your front yard was a convenient and low cost way of making sure your Sim left for work in a good mood. These days, they’re more of a long-running joke. And a lot more vengeful in The Sims 4. But there’s a whopping 16 of them now. No, seriously. We ranked them.


Iconic Objects through The Sims Series
Ah yes. The ever present and even more pointless lawn flamingo! This staple of The Sims series has been in every single main title and some spinoffs as well. You probably forgot about their existence and yet, if you ever found out this flamingo had disappeared from the series, you would be outraged on a deep emotional level. You would. Don’t lie.


Iconic Objects through The Sims Series
The famous Cowplant, or more technically named, the Laganaphyllis Simnivorii, did not join us until The Sims 2 but it has been a beloved icon for Simmers ever since. This weirdly cute but very dangerous carnivorous plant first appeared as a career reward object in The Sims 2, then as Store content in The Sims 3. It made another return in the base game of The Sims 4 as part of the gardening collection. Simmers became so attached to their Cowplants that a movement started to allow us to name our Cowplants like we can name other minor pets such as fish. The devs granted our wish and now our Cowplants can have individual names. I named mine Moonshine.

Heart Bed

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series

Sadly, the latest installment of the series lacks this iconic object but it was present in The Sims 1, 2, and 3. For the Don Lotharios of the Sims world, owning one of these bad boys told every suitor who came to call that you were serious about romance. Just maybe don’t let them in on how many other suitors have enjoyed the romance of this bed…

Wishing Well

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series

The wishing well was first introduced in The Sims 2 Seasons and returned as Store content for The Sims 3. It was brought back again in The Sims 4 with the release of the Romantic Garden Stuff pack. I’ve lost count of just how many disasters have befallen my Sims over the years because of this malevolent monster but I still can’t really picture a complete Sims game without it and its merciless treachery.

Espresso Machine

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series
Maybe I’m alone in this but somehow, the espresso machine just feels like one of those things every Sims game has to have even if my Sims hardly ever use it. It might be because I have a lot of fond memories of my Sims drinking a shot of espresso in The Sims 2 and then becoming jittery for the next several hours. Did anyone else think their game was glitching out? Because I did. Turns out, it’s just the espresso! I’ll have another cup, please!

Birthday Cake

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series

How could we leave out this timeless gem? In spite of the fact that Sims did not age in The Sims 1, the game did have a birthday cake that Sims could celebrate with! This means that this iconic object has been present in all four installments of the main PC series. I dn’t think we really need to explain why this object is iconic, do we? Generations upon generations of celebrations and important life milestones have been celebrated around this cake.

Tragic Clown Painting

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series
I know, I know. The Tragic Clown is a character, not an object and therefore, he does not qualify for this list. That’s true, but his painting is an object and even though it doesn’t have a unique function in 3 out of 4 titles, it is present in 3 of the main Sims titles. So the Tragic Clown Painting just barely makes this list. In The Sims 1 and 4, viewing a Tragic Clown painting will cause the Tragic Clown to appear on the lot and make everyone miserable with his terrible magic tricks and awkward conversation. He’s not present as a living Sim in The Sims 3 but his painting still comes with one of the free Store sets.

Agnes Crumplebottom’s Purse

Iconic Objects through The Sims Series
Okay, this might not be an object you can grab out of the regular Build/Buy catalogue but it is, technically, an object. And it has a very unique function. Wanton violence. If you haven’t been mercilessly beaten over the head by Agnes Crumplebottom’s purse at least once in a Sims game, have you really played The Sims? It’s a sacred rite of passage every Simmer must go through. Have your strength tested against the rage of an angry old lady and emerge stronger and wiser than before. That is the way.

What other objects would you consider iconic to The Sims series? Tell us in the comments below or let us know on social media!

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