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The Sims 4: February 2022 Content Update Overview


Everything that’s new in The Sims 4’s Latest Update

Today’s update brings a lot of new assets to the game. Primarily new swatches to existing base game objects and clothes but there are a few entirely new assets as well.

In addition to the CAS and Build/Buy additions, there is also a new Wedding Venue lot type. Oh, and did we forgot to mention the new relationship setting?

All swatches both new and old have been included so you can see the full number of options available now.

New Relationship Setting

There’s a new Relationship Setting option that you can choose when creating or editing a character in Create A Sim. The new Fiancé option allows you to immediately create a proposed relationship between the two characters that you created in CAS!

The Sims 4: February 2022 Content Update Overview

New Venue

The new wedding venue lot type can be assigned to any unowned lot and only requires a wedding arch to be functional.

The Sims 4: February 2022 Content Update Overview

New Music

The Sims 4 has added four new songs to the World Radio Station, making the radio station accessible to everyone who owns the Base Game.

The Sims 4: February 2022 Content Update Overview

There is also the Simlish version of the song “At Last” by Maiya Sikes now in the Romance Radio Station. You’ve probably heard it in the Reveal Trailer for My Wedding Stories!

CAS – New Swatches


Mermaid Wedding Dress

Tiered Wedding Dress

Frilly Formal Dress

Short Dress

Bridesmaid Dress

Suit Jacket

Double Breasted Suit Jacket


Sparkly Dress (Free Holiday DLC)

Full Body Suit


Suit Jacket with Shorts

CAS – New Assets



French Tip Nails


Full-Body Swimsuit

Build/Buy – New Swatches

Wedding Arch with Ribbon

Wooden Wedding Arch



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