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The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Celebrate Carnaval


The recent SDX drop dumped a tonne of neat goodies into our games, including two new scenarios! The new scenarios are Celebrate Carnaval and Power Couple. Power Couple is a permanent scenario that’s here to stay forever but Celebrate Carnaval is a limited-time scenario.

Here’s how our Celebrate Carnaval scenario playthrough went!

Starting the Scenario

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Celebrate Carnaval
As usual, we selected the New Scenario option on the main menu and selected the Celebrate Carnaval scenario to see all of the info on it. It’s a limited-time scenario. Players who wish to play this scenario will have to start the scenario before March 8, 2022. This gives players almost a full month to experience this scenario which is double the length of time of previous limited-time scenarios, which were typically two weeks long.

The description states that teen or older Sims in the household will start with some Cooking skill to help them prepare some of the dishes for the scenario but there are no household requirements for this scenario.

There are three possible outcomes. In other words, three different ways to complete the scenario. You only have to do one of the tasks to complete the scenario, not all three.

  • Cook Acarajé, Pão de Queijo, or Brigadiero together with at least one other Sim
  • Have a Sim listen to Carnaval Beats and dance to it
  • Host a party. Costumes are strongly encouraged

Needless to say, we were pretty underwhelmed looking at these potential outcomes. All three seemed like something you could finish pretty much immediately after pressing the play button.

But this is Sims Community and it’s our job to cover everything new in The Sims, so let’s go!

Not The Life of the Party…

We just went with the first random Sim the game spit out at us and used cheats to get her set up in a big party mansion in Del Sol Valley. Out of three disappointing options, we figured throwing a party was the most “challenging” of the three tasks.

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Celebrate Carnaval
Our Sim pulled out her phone to host an Incognito Costume Party, which is a social event that comes with the Digital Deluxe edition of The Sims 4. Any type of party will satisfy the goal, however. You do not need to have the Digital Deluxe edition of the game. Throw any type of party available to you. However, we quickly realised she couldn’t throw a party because she had no friends. Awkward.

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Celebrate Carnaval
A quick detour to the gym was in order for her to meet some people she could invite to this party. Once that was done with, we returned home for take two of the Incognito Costume Party.

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Celebrate Carnaval
Since the scenario description didn’t mention any goals for the party, we had a sneaking suspicion that even an unsuccessful party would complete the scenario. So we did absolutely nothing for the duration of the party. We just sat back and stared at the screen until the party ended in utter failure.

The Sims 4 Scenario Playthrough: Celebrate Carnaval
And yup! That completed the scenario in under 12 Sim-hours. The party itself only lasted for perhaps a couple hours.

Our Thoughts

I mean, what can we say? We barely spent any time at all on this scenario and yet somehow, we still feel like we wasted our time. It’s difficult to come up with a more pointless scenario than this one. It’s not so much a scenario as an advertisement for the new food and radio station they added to the game.

On the bright side, it’s a good way to start off your new household with an easy 5,000satisfaction points each for basically no effort. You could dance to a stereo and POOF! Enough points to get all your Sims set up with several nice reward traits each without needing to cheat.

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