The Sims 4 Guides My Wedding Stories

Premade Wedding Venues coming with The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories


5 different Wedding Venues covering 5 different cultures!

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The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack comes with 5 Pre-Made Wedding Venues!

These Wedding Venues can be found in your “My Library” in The Gallery after installing the Game Pack.

Each Wedding Venue should represent different culturual weddings including Island, Hispanic, Christian, Chinese and Indian-inspired Weddings.

Take a closer look at each Wedding Venue below:

Felicita Sulla Sabbia

Ensure your Sims’ “I do’s” are set against the romantic backdrop of sea and sky. Enjoy a relaxing, easy-paced ceremony on the beach with music, dancing, lounging, and love. What better opportunity to make the promise of a lifetime than here on the beach as waves usher in a hopeful future!

Lot Size: 40×20
Value: 32,400 Simoleons


Jardin De Mis Amores

Host a memorable and festive Hispanic-inspired wedding celebration in this botanical Wedding Venue. Relax indoors amongst the greenhouse gardens or spend the evening dancing away in the courtyard! There’s plenty of space for both romance and merrymaking.

Lot Size: 50×40
Value: 177,511


Glasswork Lover’s Chapel

The perfect venue for a classic, chapel wedding. Say your vows against a stained-glass backdrop, with hopes that your marriage will be as colorful as the day you were married. Then head outside for a charming reception in the flower garden.

Lot Size: 50×40
Value: 86,291


Centurial Harmony Garden

The perfect venue to host a lavish, traditional Chinese-inspired wedding banquet. Renewing gardens welcome guests upon arrival, their winding paths leading to the venue’s various spaces. Enjoy tea with family in the wedding suite, celebrate at the private bar next door, take photos against the lobby’s cherry blossom backdrop, or simply bask in the illuminated glow of the ceremony hall.

Lot Size: 50×40
Value: 203,838


Garden Palace of Vows

Celebrate the fire of love and take your vows at this romantic, Indian-Inspired Wedding Venue. Your Sims may not be loyal, but they’ll certainly feel like they are, whether they’re strolling the palace’s halls or dancing with friends and family in the garden. It’ll be the ceremony of a lifetime.

Lot Size: 50×40
Value: 168,057

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