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Creating a Bridal Store in The Sims 4


Building a Bridal Store with the Anybody’s Dress Bridal Shop CC Set!

Now that EA has finally promised to fix its mistakes regarding the My Wedding Stories game pack, we thought we’d showcase some custom content that makes use of the new game pack. One of our favourite creators, Ravasheen, has just released an adorable CC set to help you build the perfect bridal boutique!

The set is called Anybody’s Dress Bridal Shop Set which includes four decorative display outfits from My Wedding Stories and two elegant bridal shop signs. Each clothing display has many different swatches to make over 50 unique swatches in total!

Creating a Bridal Store in The Sims 4
We decided the best way to show off this adorable set is to build a bridal boutique using all the items! Welcome to Rava’s Bridal where your Sims can purchase their perfect wedding dress or tux for their big day!

Creating a Bridal Store in The Sims 4
Ravasheen’s beautiful dresses and suit jackets on display in the front windows immediately draw you in and make you want to enter the store. Bridal signs advertise stunning gowns inside. If you own the Get To Work expansion pack, these signs will be functional retail signs and attract customers to your store. If you don’t own Get To Work, they will just be deco objects. Either way, they will look beautiful in your bridal shop.


Inside, more decorative displays sit high on platforms but there are also functional Get To Work mannequins already dressed in their finest wedding attire for Sims to browse and try on. There’s something for all ages here! We can’t forget about our Flower Pals and Ring Bearers after all. Don’t see the perfect wedding outfit out on display? No problem! Head on back to the fitting rooms where an armoire contains the full CAS catalogue for you to customize your perfect outfit!

Creating a Bridal Store in The Sims 4
Of course, you might be trying on dresses for a long time before you find “the one” but Rava’s Bridal has you covered there, too, with a washroom open to customers and a back patio where Sims can take a break from dress shopping to enjoy a drink and maybe calm those pre-wedding nerves a bit. Or celebrate finding the perfect dress with a drink!


When you’ve found your perfect wedding outfit, make sure to browse some of the other items on display on your way out. There are flowers, fragrances, picture frames and more to help you make your wedding day truly special!

Creating a Bridal Store in The Sims 4
Click the buttons below to download Rava’s Bridal and the Anybody’s Dress Bridal Shop Set! You need to download both separately. The Gallery does not download any included CC with uploaded lots or households. The Anybody’s Dress set is currently in early access for Ravasheen’s patrons only but will become free on March 23rd, 2022.

Rava's Bridal Anybody's Dress Set

Are you affected by a bug that causes the game to crash whenever you place a retail lot from the Gallery with mannequins on it? Don’t worry, Ravasheen has a fix for this, too! Get it here!

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