The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories

New Sentiments in The Sims 4


There are new Sentiments in The Sims 4 Base Game along with My Wedding Stories!

The recent release of The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack has brought in new Sentiments in the game!

There are two new Base Game Sentiments that we found along with plenty of new ones that came with My Wedding Stories.

SnarkyWitch was busy collecting all of the new sentiments that we found in the game, eventually updating the entire, full list of current Sentiments we have in The Sims 4. All of the previous pack releases included!

To make things easier we’ve included both the list of new sentiments as well as linked the full list of The Sims 4 Sentiments down below. Take a look!

Full List of The Sims 4 Sentiments

New Base Game Positive Sentiments

  • Friendly Advice (Motivating) –  Sim #1 remembers when Sim #2 listened to his/her problems and shared some thoughtful advice.
  • Friends in a Time of Loss (Adoring) – Sim #1 has formed a bond with Sim #2 – the kind that can only come from the profound grief of death
    • This Sentiment appears to be triggered by using the Console About Death social on a friend after someone has died.

My Wedding Stories Positive Sentiments

  • Chosen to be Sim of Honour (Adoring) – It’s an honour to be selected a Sim of Honour for Sim #2’s wedding.
  • Dancing Close Now and Forever (Enamored) – The first time you dance with your spouse is a truly romantic occasion!
  • Gave a Good Wedding Speech (Adoring) – Sim #1 totally nailed the speech at Sim #2’s wedding. Couldn’t be happier!
  • Teatime with Friends (Close) – Sim #1 served some tea to Sim #2, and now their friendship seems closer than ever!

My Wedding Stories Negative Sentiments

  • Got into a Fight at MY WEDDING! (Furious) – On the best day of my life, Sim #2 chose violence.
  • Kicked Out of Wedding Party (Furious) – Sim #1 kicked Sim #2 out of a wedding event. What nerve!
  • Not Selected as Sim of Honour (Bitter) – Sim #1 is bitter about Sim #2 not selecting him/her. That stings!
  • Romantically Inappropriate at MY WEDDING! (Furious) – Sim #1 is angry that Sim #2 tried to romantically upstage him/her at his/her Wedding. Not cool.
  • Wasn’t Invited to the Wedding! (Bitter) – Sim #2 asked Sim #1 to come to their Wedding, but was never properly invited! The nerve!
  • You Ate Cake Early! (Furious) – Sim #2 tried to grab a piece of cake early at my wedding! UNACCEPTABLE!
  • You Died at MY WEDDING! (Furious) – Couldn’t you just wait a little longer before kicking the can? This day was supposed to be about me!
  • You Interrupted the Wedding Ceremony! (Furious) – In case you didn’t get the memo Sim #2, that was supposed to be a Wedding!

New Sentiments in The Sims 4

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