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Let’s Build the Stardew Valley Bathhouse in The Sims 4!


Stardew Valley meets The Sims 4

I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley lately and I love to do crossovers of other games with The Sims 4. I always thought the bathhouse from Stardew Valley had a really cool design, with the greenhouse built into the roof over the actual baths. I always wished I could actually send my character up to that top portion because it looks like a really peaceful area.

So I decided to build the bathhouse from Stardew Valley in The Sims 4 and make the upper greenhouse accessible! I also added a couple extra areas not seen in the Stardew Valley game to help fill out the layout a little more. Of course, some minor layout adjustments were necessary to fit the interior layout into the exterior shape but I think the result stays true to the Stardew Valley design.

Let’s start the tour!

Let’s Build the Stardew Valley Bathhouse in The Sims 4!
The overview of the bathhouse looks very similar to Stardew Valley’s. I was very happy that I was able to get this unique design so close to what it’s supposed to look like. The pipe out front even spills water into the small pond below when in Live Mode!

On the inside, you’re greeted with the same dingy little room with the two doors leading to the male and female change rooms. There’s also a third door on the side that leads to the extra areas I added. It’s also the way upstairs to the greenhouse portion but let’s check out the rest of the first floor, first!

Let’s Build the Stardew Valley Bathhouse in The Sims 4!
The change rooms for men and women are exactly the same, just flipped to mirror each other. I did make a few layout adjustments here to accommodate the space I had to work with but it has all the same components as the original. Some small washroom stalls, benches, lockers, showers, and a little vanity area fill up this space so your Sims have everything they need to get ready to enter the baths.

Entering the bath portion, regular pools have been combined with the hot spring baths from Snowy Escape to get the same shape as the original baths from Stardew Valley. A bathhouse wouldn’t really be a bathhouse without steam, after all. Then it would just be a public pool. Since there are two hot spring baths, up to 16 Sims can enjoy the hot springs at a time while many more have plenty of space to swim around in the surrounding pools.

Going to the bathhouse is a social experience so when you’re finished soaking in the baths, you can make your way to the little lounge area I added to this lot. Sims can socialize and play card games here. This room also leads upstairs to where the greenhouse portion is! Even more relaxation is just a flight of stairs away!

Let’s Build the Stardew Valley Bathhouse in The Sims 4!
The greenhouse space here is much bigger than the one in Stardew Valley in order to make the exterior proportions look right but that was handy because it allowed me to fill up the area with lots of greenery as well as add in plenty of planter boxes for your Sims to do some gardening upstairs. It’s a colourful, lush, but peaceful area just like I always imagined it to be.

Let’s Build the Stardew Valley Bathhouse in The Sims 4!
Your Sims probably won’t be needing to visit this next room but I included it for realism and to use up a section of unused space. The janitor’s closet isn’t as nice as the lounge and greenhouse. It’s a bit dingy just like the change rooms but hey, I’ve never seen a fancy janitor’s closet before, have you?

Let’s Build the Stardew Valley Bathhouse in The Sims 4!
In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how well this build was going to turn out. It had a complicated design that can’t be replicated 100% in The Sims 4 but I was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. It may not be an identical replica of the bathhouse from Stardew Valley but it is still definitely recognizable as the Stardew Valley bathhouse. I had a lot of fun building this and I hope you’ll have lots of fun playing with it!

Click the button below to download the Stardew Valley Bath House into your own game! This lot uses no CC but does use a lot of DLC packs.


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