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Initial Reaction to The Sims 4 Decor to the Max Kit!

Sims4 SP31 Decor to the Max PA Keyart Full RGB 3840x2160

This Kit is so hideous. I love it.

When The Sims Team officially revealed the first screens from the upcoming Decor to the Max Kit, my eyes just about bugged out of my head. There was SO much going on in one picture that my brain had trouble finding a focal point to rest on. I have to hand it to them; they said they were going for a maximalist look and it’s uh… certainly that.

Nonetheless, my eyes eventually focused and started examining individual items in all that busy chaos. I quickly realised that a lot of these pieces are actually pretty nice. Don’t get me wrong; everything just screams tacky from the rooftops but as a Simmer who loves that kind of campy, eclectic style that harkens back to 1920s glamour, I found it all tacky in the most delightful way. Let’s take a closer look at the currently released screens to go over some notable details that made me feel some type of way, shall we?

Initial Reaction to The Sims 4 Decor to the Max Kit!
First and foremost, I have to point out how much I appreciate new wallpaper! The last several build kits neglected to include any wallpaper or flooring which to me, is unacceptable for a build kit. I’ve been extremely underwhelmed by a lot of the recent build kits for numerous reasons but the lack of new walls and flooring was a big issue for me. I’m also a huge sucker for floral patterns and print wallpaper so this is wallpaper heaven for me.

Next, let’s discuss that obnoxious, gaudy peacock sculpture in the corner. It’s SO ugly and I love it SO much. Fight me, I don’t care. That peacock and I care not for your negativity. At first, the fireplace made me raise my eyebrows; it looks exactly the same as the Paranormal Stuff fireplace at first glance… except it’s not! A closer look reveals that it’s actually a cast iron wood burning fireplace inside of a larger fireplace frame. I’ve never seen this design before but it’s really cool and distinctly different from the Paranormal Stuff fireplace. Some other décor pieces that stand out to me are the rug, the room divider, the pictures on the walls, and… whatever that thing is above the fireplace. It’s bizarre but I want it.

Initial Reaction to The Sims 4 Decor to the Max Kit!
We see this strange optical illusion… thing, again in the second screen, as well as my new friend, the peacock, in a different swatch. Wait a minute… ARE THOSE TIGERS ON THE WALLS?! Yes, yes they are. I know the more subtle hexagon patterns on the walls around it are technically classier but heck, just give me campy tiger themed stuff, please. Love the matching tiger pillow and print on that couch. Hideously wonderful. And oh my gosh, look at that gorgeous black and pastel print on the accent table.

Initial Reaction to The Sims 4 Decor to the Max Kit!
Oh, and there’s this nifty detail. Modular wainscoting to match all three wall heights. This is something completely new we haven’t seen before in The Sims series, ever, and I really appreciate that. I’ve been criticizing the kits for bringing nothing new to the table for a long time now and it was refreshing to see a detail like this that genuinely adds new customization options. Apparently, these can also be used as mirror and window frames so kudos to The Sims Team for making such a simple and versatile new object for us to enjoy. I’ll be using these a lot.

My final thoughts on what we’ve seen so far of this kit? Oh my Watcher, I have not seen such unashamed tackiness since the golden toilet in Get Famous. Every single thing in this kit is gaudy, obnoxious, and over-the-top in every sense of the word and I want all of it in my game like… yesterday, please! Would I smash all this stuff together in an eye-bleeding display of visual chaos like in these screenshots? Probably not but you can bet I will be using every single thing in this kit somewhere in my builds!

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