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The Lottie Bedroom CC Set for The Sims 4


14 sophisticated and cozy furniture pieces to transform your Bedroom!

Today we’re shining a spotlight on a sophisticated yet cozy CC set by myshunosun: The Lottie Bedroom Set!

This warm set in neutral tones and plenty of wood swatches will help you design a bedroom that’s both chic and comfy. It’s base game compatible, Maxis Match, and comes with a total of 14 separate pieces.

The Lottie Bedroom CC Set for The Sims 4

myshunosun gives a full list of what the pack includes below, including the number of swatches and their simoleon value.

from myshunosun:

  • Bedframe, 11 swatches, 1000§
  • Mattress, 22 swatches, 600§
  • Basket (décor), 12 swatches, 150§
  • Blanket (décor), 16 swatches, 150§
  • Candle, functional (style A), 8 swatches, 80§
  • Candle, functional (style B), 8 swatches, 80§
  • Desk mirror, 11 swatches, 120§
  • Desk, 11 swatches, 350§
  • Desk stool, 22 swatches, 150§
  • Books (décor), 6 swatches, 100§
  • Dresser, 11 swatches, 500§
  • Potted tree (décor), 10 swatches, 200§
  • Faux fur rug (décor), 10 swatches, 300§
  • Shelf, 11 swatches, 350§

We checked out these items in the game ourselves and loved the quality of these items. The wood textures are excellent and the separated mattress and throw blanket allows you to mix and match different colour combinations. We put together a little example room showing off all the new items below.


This bedroom set is available to everyone for free right now! Click the download link below to go to myshunosun’s tumblr and grab the collection for yourself!


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