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Functional Garage Doors Mod for The Sims 4


Walkthrough of the Landgraab Self Storage Garage Doors Mod!

Ravasheen has done it again and created something to make our Simming lives easier. Have you ever wished the debug base game garage door or the City Living decorative garage door was actually a functional door? Have you ever wanted to use them for storage? Well you’re in luck because Ravasheen has done both!

Introducing the Landgraab Self Storage Garage Doors! Ravasheen’s taken the garage door from the base game and City Living and turned them into functional objects, complete with their own custom animation and sound effects! They can also store items for you.

Getting Started

Of course, you will have to install them, first. You can get them from Ravasheen’s website. The current version is in early access for patrons only but will be released to the public on April 9th, 2022. If you need help with installing mods, check out our article Getting Started With Mods and CC.

Once it’s installed correctly, all you have to do is load up the game and go into Build/Buy. The garage doors will be located under the Doors category. You can also search “rvsn” in the search bar to bring up all of Ravasheen’s content you have installed in your game.

Please note that only the 7 solid colour swatches are base game compatible. The other swatches require City Living. If you don’t own City Living, you will only see the solid-colour version of the doors.

Catalogue and Swatch Overview

The doors show up in the catalogue as two separate entries; one is base game compatible. The other requires City Living. You can safely install the mod if you only own the base game. You just won’t see the City Living version in your catalogue.

Here are both door varieties in all swatches. There are 7 base game swatches in solid colours and 20 City Living swatches with various designs.

Functional Garage Doors Mod for The Sims 4

Base Game swatches

How to use the Garage Doors

Functional Garage Doors Mod for The Sims 4
Like all of Ravasheen’s creations, the garage doors are very easy to use. Simply place a garage door along a wall the same way you would with any other door in the game and have a Sim walk through it! The door will automatically open with its own sound effect when Sims walk through it and close a few seconds after a Sim has passed through it. The doors can also be locked just like all the other doors in the game and you can set them as the front door if you like.

But the garage doors are more than just doors. They are also storage units! What is the point of storage doors that can’t store anything, right? Using the doors for storage is as easy as using any other storage chest in the game. Just click on the door to open up its inventory and drag anything you like from your own inventory into the door’s inventory. It’s a very convenient way to use the doors as a storage unit without actually taking up any space. Oh, and the best part? The doors do not have a shared inventory so you can organise your stuff by storing them in separate doors.

Functional Garage Doors Mod for The Sims 4
And in spite of the funny catalogue description, you can in fact live in a storage unit with these doors. Just build a storage container with everything your Sim needs to survive and use the garage door as the front door! You can’t stop us from living our lives, Landgraab Corporation!

Our Thoughts

I really love these garage doors. I’m always painstakingly scrolling through the debug menu to find those base game garage doors to create realistic garages for my builds just for the sake of decoration. I love that these doors have been made functional because it opens up more uses for them. I’m also a fan of more storage because I have a habit of keeping every single little thing my Sim accumulates in their inventory but I hate having it all lying around or cluttering up my inventory.

We definitely recommend these!

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