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Modder Makes Viewing The Sims 4 Neighbourhood Stories Easier!

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Better Neighbourhood Story notifications!

Neighbourhood Stories was a widely well-received addition to The Sims 4 a few game updates ago. Players were quick to praise the inclusion of highly requested story progression features but also quick to point out where the new feature could be polished and improved.

Of course, modders like TwistedMexi were already on the case! One annoyance about Neighbourhood Stories is that checking the Neighbourhood Stories is tedious. You have to click on a mailbox to receive a notification about something that’s happened recently in your worlds but if you have multiple events to check, you have to click the mailbox again and again until there are no more stories left. I for one did not enjoy clicking the mailbox 20+ times every time I wanted to catch up on the latest town happenings.

TwistedMexi has released a mod that cleans up this clunky process. Now when you click on the mailbox to check the Neighbourhood Stories, all stories pop up at once in their own stories notification panel so they don’t clutter up your normal notifications. Just be sure you’re really finished reading through all the stories before you close the panel; the Neighbourhood Stories won’t be saved for you to go back and read again later.

You can see the mod in action in TwistedMexi’s walkthrough video below:


The mod is in early access but will be public on April 12th, 2022! You can get it from TwistedMexi’s Patreon by clicking the download button below.

Download Here

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