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The Sims 4’s Plant-A-Sim Scenario is getting an Update

The Plant-A-Sim Scenario is getting Tweaks and Improvements!

Just last week The Sims 4 has gotten a new Sims Delivery Express drop, featuring a brand new hairstyle and a whole new Plant-A-Sim Scenario in the game.

We did a full playthrough and tutorial of the PlantSims Scenario for The Sims 4. Our author SnarkyWitch has come to several small obstacles throughout their gameplay that were rather interesting and added in to the challenge. However, it was still deemed as an Intermediate Scenario rather than what The Sims Team labelled it as just “Easy”. Especially since there were many steps involved into it!

@Mattnetic, one of the Principal Designers working on The Sims 4 has just wrote out a new Tweet, explaining the new work that they’ve done to improve this Scenario, including:

Don’t worry Plant-A-Simmers, I’m hearing your feedback on The Sims 4 Scenario! Looking into Just-in-Time messaging for those who “forget” to go back into plant Sim with 4 hours left. Adjusting difficulty label from Easy to Intermediate and a few more fixes.

We’re not sure when the new Scenario Update is dropping but we’re hoping soon. Stay tuned on our website for the updates on this Scenario and more!

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