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The Sims 4: Oak and Concrete Patio CC Kit


Redecorate your Patio with 26 unique objects!

Today we’re showcasing a new CC patio set for your Sims’ homes! Or any lot type, in fact! The Oak and Concrete Patio Kit was created by S-imagination and comes with a total of 26 objects to add a trendy industrial look to your patios.

What really stood out to us about this kit is that all items are base game compatible, including the heat lamp and sectional sofa! Players who don’t own Dine Out or Dream Home Decorator can still download and enjoy the heat lamp and sectional seating that comes with this CC patio kit.

As the title suggests, the Oak and Concrete Patio Kit is a collection of patio furnishings made from oak and concrete. There are many different swatches to customise the shade of both the wood and concrete of all the objects and there is lots of trendy décor to supplement the furniture. There are a wide variety of different plants, candles, sculptures, and other clutter, such as magazines with a wide-brimmed hat on top of them and a pitcher serving set.

Here is the full list of items from S-imagination’s tumblr:

  • Pergola, 12 swatches
  • Sectional Sofa, 60 swatches
  • Loveseat, 60 swatches
  • Living Chair, 60 swatches
  • Dining Chair, 60 swatches
  • Dining Table, 24 swatches
  • Dining Table With Fire, 12 swatches
  • Counter, 12 swatches
  • Coffee Table, 35 swatches
  • End Table, 14 swatches
  • Grill, 5 swatches
  • Medium Lantern, 12 swatches
  • Big Lantern, 12 swatches
  • Tree Stamp Table, 7 swatches
  • Tray WIth Mirror, 10 swatches
  • Plant On Books, 6 swatches
  • Big Plant, 7 swatches
  • Monstera Leafs, 10 swatches
  • Magazines, 6 swatches
  • Small Plant, 3 swatches
  • Heating Lamp, 35 swatches
  • Hanging Fern, 7 swatches
  • Concrete Sculpture, 7 swatches
  • Wood Candle, 8 swatches
  • Concrete Candle, 7 swatches
  • Books On Wood, 5 swatches

The Sims 4: Oak and Concrete Patio CC Kit

As you can see from the photos taken by S-imagination, there are a lot of ways to use these items to decorate the perfect patio for your Sims! You can download the set for free from S-imagination’s Patreon by clicking the download button below!

Oak & Concrete Patio Kit

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